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Gantz hunts behind him that leaves

The blue and white party are looking for a "mole" which has spread sensitive information about the leader Benny Gantz. The person dropping out is likely to be within the party's Head Office and is responsible for making dangerous records of Gantz which were made at closed meetings.

Former First Minister IDF as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leading opponent in the run-up to the elections in April 9 led to the group being guided by Likud in his polls. Gantz is currently in Washington after giving an address at AIPAC
Tuesday's conference.

Over the past two weeks, at least two secret registers of Gantz have been abandoned. The first thing is to hear Gantz admitting – in close conversation with party workers – that it wouldn't be entirely possible to take up Netanyahu's government after the elections. T . Gantz went as far as to suggest that a coalition should be created with multi-faith parties. "I give you a blank page with its signature, leave a third of that page, the rest filled in whatever you want," said Gantz in the recording.

Benny Gantz (Photo: AFP)  t

Benny Gantz (Image: AFP)

In the second table – which was made in a very small forum – Gantz stated that Netanyahu would be willing to harm it physically before the elections. "If Netanyahu had a way to kill me he would have done so," says Gantz.

Blue and White party's senior officials admitted that the second table was released to release the personal injury to the party leader and destroyed his image. One senior member persuaded the party to "investigate the releasing of these talks from the main election office." TThe party says it is a small scrutiny. will be expanded, after Gantz returns to Israel from Washington.

The review will be conducted internally, without the involvement of external agencies. Party officials also said the survey will not include polygraph tests for Blue and White workers, consultants or close associates who take part in closed meetings with Gantz.

"We want to find out who is delivering this item," said a senior party official, "announcing the situation".

Since the Gantz charts were published publicly, the social networks have been harassed with emotations and professions – largely made up of Likud fans – dismantling the leader of the Blue and White parties in an effort to do that an old headteacher in IDF is unsustainable and weak.

Gantz in the Likud social media campaign

Gantz in the Likud social media campaign

For example, on Netanyahu's official Instagram page, a video that shows Gantz is being jotted and may be able to answer questions at a television interview. In fact, the shortage due to broadcasting delays was from the director of Blue and White in Washington and they heard the questions a few seconds after asking. The video on the prime minister's page attempted to make the connection between the dropped conversations and the terrible interview, pointing out that Gantz made it impossible to be a prime speaker. place.

The Minister for Tourism Yariv Levin, who led the Prime Minister at the recent Netanyahu trip to the United States, confirmed the statements by Likud officers. "We had a great experience of Gantz's television yesterday," he said in an interview with Iet. "He lives in a fantasy world and he thinks of the minister taking people to attack him."

“We have never seen the prime minister of Israel who controls a dirty election campaign,” said Blue and White in a statement: “There's only one reason why he spread an unprecedented amount of false lies and stories. he is aware of his beauty. to lose. "

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