Goldman Sachs: Samsung could be a problem for Apple's rival 27/2/19

The truths about mobile phones released from Samsung have been confirmed. According to some of the analysts Goldman Sachs, this could be a major problem for Apple competing.

On Wednesday afternoon, Samsung introduced a new class with a smartphone that goes out to the menu. Although already in advance – the Koreans were out on a prototype in San Francisco in November – but that gave a model of production already and even a sales date, as a surprise.

Apple is hanged

The new Fold Galaxy is on the front but a small screen with 4.6 inches, in the unlocked state but it is featured on a large tablet display 7.3 inches (18.5cm). Already on April 26, there is a & # 39; First global mobile phone for $ 1,980 (no VAT) for market entry.

Goldman Sachs's analysis team around Rod Hall believes that Samsung can clearly be the responsibility of the fèisean that are in a position. Apple telephony competitions, at least in the short term. In terms of competition, Apple's new machine is the "strongest possible challenge" in the smart-end phone market at the top, announcing "Business Insider Germany" from a & # 39 ; spread.

According to the Goldman critics, such devices can only be done with Samsung OLED technology. Here the South Koreans are ahead of their competition at least two years. It's urgently for Apple now that Samsung's iPhone iPhones have anxiety at Samsung's highest and it is the responsibility of South Koreans. If the new device appears to be in it, but it is frightened that Samsung is refusing to allow the Americans to move on the new flexible technology.

Everything all is wild?

But the concerns may be without foundation. For example, Goldman Sachs experts identified Samsung's device on the platform, he did not let the protesters of the Galaxy Fold media determine after the incident. This may be a sign that the printed printphone could not yet be ready.

Christoph Schmidt was even more convincing about "Business Insider": "How good it is when you open it, but it's so sad when it's pushed," said a technology analysis of Capital Capital. His strongest belief, however, is directed against his high price. He says that Apple's already founder has been in trouble, because he seems to have screwed on the price scree for his iPhones. The scientist Schmidt sees Samsung in his & # 39; This is not a brand new innovator in the smartphones market – on the other hand: "It's bigger to express Samsung's fright".


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