Hannah G. Using this date is Bachelorette & 39; Alum

Hannah G. was an early supporter of the Colton quarter The bachelor. She got the first thought that she had risen and reached the program of their feelings before he broke with her and Tayshia to run after Cassie.

Faithful controversy extended her heart to Hannah G.'s heart, as many thought she would win the Colton final.

Chris Strandburg | Leon Bennett / WireImage
Chris Strandburg | Leon Bennett / WireImage

Hannah G. has been using Chris Strandburg to date

As it happens, Colton is not the first member of the Hannah G. Group to form a romantic membership. Before joining the Colton season, Hannah made the date Bachelorette winner Chris Strandburg in spring 2018, told us Weekly.

You might remember Chris as the person who jumped out of a cupcake to meet Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe back in 2015. Or from sending in-patient feeling to tell a story about him. Kaitlyn sent for him that she was “in another place” and that he had a farewell.

When their program came in, Kaitlyn posted Instagram: “Lots of respect for Chris. One of our kind. ”

Kaitlyn came to the end with her finalists Shawn Booth. They were involved for three years before they started up. After being defeated by Shawn, Kaitlyn started Bachelorette alum and favorite person Jason Tartick, the smarty sensory from Becca Kufrin's season.

Chris Strandburg and Hannah G.

It is still unknown how the couple met and when they officially shared methods, but the well told us that there was a friendly difference between the two and that they were still friends.

A Old boy however, observers noted that Chris mentioned Instagram Hannah in April 2018.

Hannah drew a picture of her with a friend sitting on a piece of beach at the beach: “I'm rubbing subtitles sooooo” and Chris said: “Panera is being oversubscribed.” for at least a week or two before that.

Us Weekly said that Chris was happy for Hannah G. when he found out she would be there The bachelor.

“Chris is delighted Hannah is doing well on the show,” said the well. “She's a nice person and hopes she will go well.

Does this mean that Hannah G. “wasn't for the right reasons? ”

In Colton's season there was a lot of discussion about who was “for here for the right reasons.” Colton was particularly concerned that his competitors were on display for reasons rather than falling in love with him.

Because Hannah was already someone who'd been from the person Old boy the world that meant that she became more interested in reputation? We don't think there is. Her relationship was close to Colton. And she talks openly about how difficult it was to heal. She also told Colton that, as he was breaking up, she was ready to move to where they wanted to start their lives together; she was inside.

Maybe she has something straight for Bachelor Nation. She is certainly not shy about who she is going to meet Bachelor in Paradise.

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