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If Madonna wanted to support the Palestinian children, she canceled her Eurovision game in Tel Aviv.

Even superstitions are like Madonna of the people. And she does not forget the suffering suffered by Israel on the Palestinians in Gaza.

However, it seems that he agreed to support an event that is seen by many as a threat the quality of Palestinians, who may not have thought about the effects.

In the summer of 2014, during one of many tough events of Israel's state violence in recent years, Queen Pop was sent back that “any person” had the right to damage “life from the innocent children of Gaza”. While bombs were falling on the Gaza Strip which was illegally circulated, she shouted for “CEASE FIRE”.

Palestinian – who are calling for it universe avoid to be responsible for breaking international law and human rights – so maybe he hoped her last performance was Madonna in Israel.

But, rThe bronze bands went out in January since Madonna went to the Eurovision Song Competition in Tel Aviv next month. T Checked Monday with the European Broadcasting Union.

And despite these repetitions going out of some of the places where Eurovision holds them in Israel “not political, 'The Canadian-Israeli billionaire stands for the bill $ 1m the work has removed the political cause behind Madonna.

There are high calls for culture avoid from Eurovision 2019, includes from over 100 LGBT + organizations, hundreds of international artists (including 20 Israeli actors and Eurovision winners in 1994) and a petition signed by 100,000 people.

But taking over the terrifying riots against Palestinians to oblige such livelihoods, the Canadian and Israeli businessman, Sylvan Adams, who was previously named. features the “steady drift of bad news” about Israel to “newspaper congregation” in the region.

Other than that, it is tells about himself as a 'self-sufficient ambassador for Israel' and; believe when the country hosts major international events such as Eurovision, they give “support to your image”.

Named as “one of Israel's greatest philanthropists and donors”, Adams presented his Giro bicycle race to Israel for his whole birthday. $ 80m in 2018 and reportedly. t feel that the purchase of Madonna's interest in promoting the “beauty of the state of Israel” be encouraged.

If this wasn't clear enough for propagandists, Adams D Dani Ben Naim was close to her he told Israel's Army Radio The business “obviously wants to help the state of Israel with its foreign relations”.

In fact, Adams has even kept it conversations The government of Israel wants to establish a permanent foundation to fund and organize similar mega events for PR purposes.

Displaying from Israel then, Madonna is a perfect mood.

As a long-term gay image and ally, she draws on Eurovision's LGBT + fan and quickly comes to pink stripping a marketing strategy that is used around the event, a key record of a government official “Israel brand“A campaign which aims to distract attention from its human rights abuse.

The disadvantage is Madonna's place. In the past, she has talked about how important he supports tdignity and respect“At the same time reminding people”the children of Gaza need support! ”. However, working with Israel will not be one of these reasons.

Many of the children who already spoke to her are now teenagers. It was likely they took part in the week Return in March complaints that identified only a anniversary.

Some might even even have been among the ones (including children, mediators and journalists), which according to a UN report published in February, Israel t One factor when he was brutally bruised of these performances.

All without doubt will have an impact on the human crisis that has been engineered by Israeli invasion of Gaza.

The Palestinian people outside Gaza – including children – also focus on everyday violence, domestic demolition and unprovoked prisoner, alongside keeping out of their country of origin. cultivation.

And just yesterday, voters voted in order to re-elect Benjamin Netanyahu, having promised to apply to the West Bank.

As Israel's first minister for a fifth term, he leads a long-term government who also decides what happened to millions of Palestinianians who didn't have the right to vote – including why it's “Apartheid” was the name of Israel.

A Eurovision Madonna view will be signaled by the government of Israel and its supporters. But Palestinian campaign supporters for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions are already calling on the example of Lauryn Hill, Lana Del Rey and Lorde to follow and stop Israel's gig. It would be a sensible task for children in Gaza if it were there.

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