Important parties will fight each other by sending them up to date. talk about union

A lawyer from the Yesh Atid party at Saturday's bandwidth said Moshe Ya Alon, the Likyd minister, was on a "shops" tour for a new political home before he started with a & # 39; party Benny Gantz at Israel Resilience.

MK Meir Cohen and his fighting come to stress Yesh Atid for working with Israel. a solution for future Knesset elections, as the accounts show such a partnership with Gantz at the command that could affect its & # 39; Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is said that a combination with the two first-party groups will have a significant impact on its & # 39; head. Lapid has not said he was willing to be Number 2 to Gantz, although hole 12 said on Channel Channel that Lapid's leadership would not affect Likud.

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"I want to tell you about the shopping trip that Bogie [Ya’alon] which was made to all parties, including Yesh Atid just two months ago, "Cohen said a cultural event in Beersheba, using the name of Already.

"Had he got everything, he'd followed Yair Lapid everywhere, [but] the time we told him, he did not attack Lapid, "said Cohen, saying" it should have been a shame ".

Already, as Gantz, who was the chief IDF leader, announced in December, said he would be a new party, Telem, and his last month he reached an agreement with Gantz for running on a slate.

The former commander of the staff, Benny Gantz (CR) and his election election, a defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, together with their volunteers volunteered in the national Israeli hymn at the rally in Tel Aviv on 29 January 2019. (Jack GUEZ / AFP)

Israel Resilience and Telem refused to comment Cohen in a statement, playing on the name Yesh Atid, who is means "future" in Hebrew.

"It's unlucky that there are some in Yesh Atid who are under pressure and disagreements. Ya and Alon have not asked to join in Yesh Atid, they did not respond the only conversation by confirming that there may be a connection between the parties, "said the statement.

"We hope that Meir Cohen will introduce a friendship in the future. There are no lies in the future," said the statement.

Despite being & # 39; Already criticized Alhen, leaving Cohen the open door to go with Gantz, but said he wanted to hear more "weight" from the old general, which critics say says he was unlucky about his political ideas.

"Gantz is a median and moral person … as well as questions about who is the number of people and who is number two, we need to be more to hear in particular, "said Cohen.

Yesh Atid, chairman of Yair Lapid, speaks at an event held by her. Movement for the Government Quality, in Modi, on 4 February 2019. (Parush Hits / Flash90)

Cohen believes that Lapid should have been the leader of any centurion's division and stressed himself and other opponents in government when the party settled in co- partnership with Netanyahu from 2013-15.

Yesh Atid and Israel Resilience go to the 21st of February to agree to create a partnership, the date where the majority list of applicants need to be submitted to the Central Election Committee for vote 9 April.

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