India can close $ 800m. deal with Israel for an air warning system – Israel News


Ilyushin-76 aircraft changed to the Phalcon Israel strategic radar system that had parking at Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport.


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India has approved a $ 800 million agreement to purchase a Phalcon warning and control system (AWACS) from Israel, shortly after buying a contract to purchase additional security systems from a Jewish state.

An Indian Times says that it is likely that New Delhi will allow a multi million million contract with the IAI to get two additional AHACS Phalcon aircraft from Israel Aerospace Industries.

According to the report, the second agreement with the IAI for receiving the system, is currently being scrutinized by the Finance Ministry after the Ministry of Defense was agreed. It is said that the final agreement was granted by the Cabinet Committee of the India Government on Security.
Situated on the Rui Ilyushin-76 plane, the system has operated the system with an electronic controller (AESA) and a L-Band radar with a 360 ° cover, and can find -mach on airways, quarters and drops before ground-based radar.

India went to the first three Phalcon AWACS in 2009 after a $ 1.1 billion agreement between India, Israel and Russia in 2004.

according to Indian Objectives, his financial ministry had complained about the high costs of his & her; new contract and had been able to significantly reduce the costs through "broad" agreements to the most defensive Israel.

Israel has been offering a number of informal airfields, blinders and airplanes in India over the last few years; , making the Outer as one of the largest military drivers in Israel with an annual value worth more than $ 1b.

According to the local media, the Air Force of India attempts to get 15 attack attacks from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in a & # 39; trying to improve military capabilities without staffing. According to the company's website, Harop has a & # 39; contributing to "the assets of a UAV and a deadly agent."

Several of the Harik drones kamikaze have been developed by IAI, who bought 10 of them in September 2009 in a £ 100m contract.

Last week, IAI signed up to £ 93m worth of agreements. to bring the central Indian naval naval systems to India (MR-USA). It is possible to kill enemy planes at a range of 50-70 kilometers, the missionaries will help to protect India from an enemy's plane and replace the country's ancient defense systems.

The MR-US system, developed by the Indian Defense Research and Development Agency (DRDO) in close collaboration with Elta, RAFAEL IAI, and other companies in both countries, is used by naval Israel as well as fleet naval fleet, airs and Indian forces South-

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