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Interpol tells us about their new EP 'A Fine Mess': "This is about taking the party away with the horns"

Check it out new 'The Weekend & # 39; and taste the futures to come.

Interpol has shared a new route with The Weekend and has announced the upcoming EP Fine A Fine Mess. See all the information with our interview with the first music Paul Banks below.

After the 'A Fine Mess' regiment was sent back in January, there are now three people going out to be issuing a five-stage EP in the future to a full album. the summer festival. His latest offer comes with The Weekend, another new route following the dark and inspiring 2018 march Marauder imed which got fame.

“That's all raceries that stand up,” said Paul Banks NME. “They're not side. All rock songs are very rich with great smells. It is all the material that could be played in a people's club. Sometimes when you return an Interpol table you expect people will not dance because it comes from a nicer or better place. This is EP's place instead. ”

In terms of EP terms, Banks continued: 'The Maragidh' was a little bit under review, and this has a huge amount to take the party with the horns. The words may be somewhat rude and deceptive. There is no loss.

To arrive on 17 May, the EP was recorded on time for a repeat time at Upstate New York by Dave Fridmann.

“We had the idea that the EP would be a different group of songs to be part of this overall initiative,” said Banks t NME. “We'll be analyzing the material from that time. Like songs on Marager songs on the EP, he was always thinking it was an excellent EP and a group of work in his own right.

“It's a great way to communicate with supporters these days. In hip-hop they put out mixes between albums and that is a good way. We're active and active at the moment and so it's good to shut down and turn up the party.

So, with the band so keen, can we hear more new material soon?

“I don't know if we're going to come into the world regarding making a series of EPs,” Banks said. “I think it's more likely that what we do will be a full-scale record, but who can say? We will not have any plans in addition to this EP. ”

EP for Interpol – ‘A Fine Mess'

Amongst the five new songs are 'Real Life', which was showcased on the 15th anniversary of the band's performance in 2017. The band has a legendary history of re-enacting old music t The horns were broken and smashed, but it appears that there is little left in the boat.

“We might have taken a small amount of stores at this stage,” Banks said. “I don't hate it that you old store all the old stuff and clear the archive to share that material, but I am more interested in new materials. ”

Prior to the prestigious major exhibitions and coverage at Glastonbury 2019, the next UK Interpol exhibition will be showcasing at All Points East London alongside The Strokes and The Raconteurs.

“What we call it!” Banks of the gig said. “That's amazing. I am really excited about playing a very strong rock bill. With a large population, that is very large. There is no idea what the scenery will look like. There may be silicones behind the habitat? Maybe there will be a pingpong table? Big cairn. If there is an espresso device, I'm happy. ”

Are the band now left with any crops?

“I am all about the art and whatever it is best for me to be a happy and fruitful artist. That's what I am doing, and whatever that is. ”

Play Interpol at All Points East in Victoria Park London Saturday Saturday 25. Visit here for tickets and more information.

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