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Israel awarded NIS 8 million to farmers near the boundary of Ghaza – Arab-Israeli conflict

A fireman tries to extinguish a flame fire

A firefighter will attempt to smother peatland fire in an area where the Palestinians have been causing gods with red kites and balloons filled with flame retardants, in alongside t Israel of the border between Israel and the Battle of Gaza, near kibbutz Nir Am, 5 June. 2018.
(photo credit: AMIR COHEN / REUTERS) t


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Be later

Israel will make an 8 million NIS investment to farmers near the Gza boundary to promote early harvesting, according to Iet on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Agriculture, the First Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance agreed to this grant to stem fires near the end. The government hopes that this will encourage farmers to harvest the crop before drying the crop and may even be fuel for fire.

More recently, rockets were transported across the communities of the Gaza border, with over 60 rockets fired from Gaza on Monday night only. In addition, Gaza's field parks have regular kestrels and balloons that destroy and rot crops and are regularly disturbing.

“I am pleased that a broader national consideration and support for farmers and residents of the Gaza envelope has been higher than the narrow option of the Ministry of Finance Budget Division” MK Eytan Broshi replied in response to the grant-in-aid.

In October, about six months after poor attack devices started, half of the woods near Gaza were burned by balloons, kites, and cocktails of Molotov, according to the KeIs Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish Kurdish (KK-JNF) National Fund report. .

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