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Israel is trying to establish diplomatic links by Bahrain Bahrain News

Israel is trying to establish an official relationship with Bahrain, the media of Israel has reported.

According to Israel's Channel 2, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he was willing to open a diplomatic relationship with Bahrain, when President Chadian Idriss Deby was sent to Jerusalem on Sunday.

In a news conference with Deby, Netanyahu said they had been thinking of changing ideas to some of the Arab nations who attacked Israel.

"This was obvious in my recent visit to Oman," he said, He describes his trip last October, where he met Sultan Sayyid Qaboos at the royal palace in the small Seeb village near the capital of Muscat.

"More such trips in Arab countries will be very fast," said the Prime Minister of Israel.

The Netanyahu tour continued to attend Israelis Minister for Transport and Information, Israelis Yisrael Katz, at an international transport conference in Oman earlier this month, where he put a railway project connecting to the Gulf of the Sea Middle East through Israel.

Hani Marzouk, prime minister of the Arab media prime minister, commented on the Israeli Broadcasting Authority last Friday that "the beginning of new relationships and a sign that we have the right way to make a real history ", not to & # 39; gives more information about the trip.

"The Kingdom of Bahrain is the next destination for Netanyahu," said Marzouk.

"Israel sees a large Arab world, diverse and has a good human potential and wants to establish good relations with scientific and academic levels," he said.

At the same time, Bahrain has invited Israel's economic minister, Eli Cohen, to the next quarterly economic start-up conference, organized by the World Bank.

According to Israel's media statements on Sunday, the three-day conference will consider ways to stimulate economic growth by the participation of decision makers, entrepreneurs and investors from 170 countries.

Israel has a diplomatic relationship with only two Arab countries – Egypt and Jordan – but Netanyahu has shown that there is a better relationship with the Camas states, whose country is to consider natural neighbors; against Iran.

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