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Israel now requires a unity government

Setting up the poor election campaign and its rhetoric behind, the Blue and White Party's call is that they don't accept the Netanyahu government, if they are fulfilled, the nation's bad confidence.

So many election moves have been broken, but this one must be.

Unless there is another religious government in Israel. When the last government was established, parties that refused to take part warned that the national religious partnership would not be able to rule and would not become extinct. This was proved to be false.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz (Photo: AFP)

Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz (Image: AFP)

Netanyahu's cabinet cabled large money to religious organizations, it was particularly dangerous for Israel's relations with the American Jewish community and greater inequality between worldly society and the community community, by limiting the serving of arms to the Torah scholars. The broken society is bigger under Netanyahu's leadership, but the worst is the way the country has started its way into a single, two-pronged future.

Most of these numbers can be stopped. It is possible to determine, for example, that any construction in the settlements will be restricted to the larger blocks and that isolated communities will not be included.

It is also possible to re-establish tight spines to the Orthodox family in similar amounts to the Finance Minister that Netanyahu introduced before he became Prime Minister. The ultra-Orthodox could serve in the armed forces, make their secret brothers.

A union of alliance has been created with great efforts, in 1984, 2002 and 2013, and these chapters could achieve massive achievements.

In 1984, the government faced inflation, creating sustainability for the economy. In 2002, the union government halted an economic disaster with Netanyahu as a finance minister. This would not have been possible in narrow partnership with external parties. In 2013, both left and right came together to agree a draft for peace talks with the Palestinians.

Left and middle parties give warning about today's circumstances which will certainly come into effect on a proper and religious coalition. They are disappearing in their emergency estimates, but if these do become small, these parties should strive to find a union of unity.

What is more important? Keeping promises to the campaign or saving the country?

Although union governments do not achieve their full terms, they still take the country forward while they are at last.

It is a lie that the narrow relationship is stronger with the vote of the voter. Small groups focus on their own advantage and apply policies that most do not support.

National interest is more important than the ongoing hostility and commitments on the way of the campaign. So try to grow up. Unity government is needed.

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