It is expected that Arab parties will dismiss US decision. about Golan – Middle East

OPEN SITE of Shams Majdal in the Golan Heights near the border with Syria

OPEN SITE of Shams Majdal in the Golan Heights near the border with Syria.
(photo credit: REUTERS / AMMAR AWAD)


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TUNIS – It is expected that long-standing Arab heads, with regional bands, will come together at the top of the Sunday to counter the US decision to identify Israel's link with Arab land. T donated in 1967.

Arab leaders are already facing conflict in Algeria and Sudan, an international significance over the war in Yemen, regional divisions will extend beyond the influence of Iran in the Middle East and the bitter Gulf of Arab Arab.

A challenge is set when President Donald Trump called his name last week to identify the Golan Heights as Israeli, less than four months after Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel. The Palestinians want the Eastern Japan to become the future capital of a state.

Arab officials said Golan Heights and Palestine requests for an independent state in West Back and Strip Gaza, areas where Israel also lived in the 1967 war, organized the summit.

Foreign Minister Lebanon, Gebran Bassil, said on Saturday that ministers of the USA had expressed their support for the motion to say that the USA movement had broken the U.N. versus land with a force.

They also agreed to return Syria's right to have Golan and Lebanon's right back to Shebaa farms, a small plot of land beside Golan called for by Beirut, and submitted. T

Summit Mahmoud Al-Khmeiry spokesman said Arab leaders would again report an Arab call for peace with Israel as an exchange for Arab land that was occupied and reject any campaign that was not in agreement with UN.

Khmeiry seemed to be referring to a peace plan yet to be examined by consultant White House Jared Kushner and Trump that Palestinians refused to debate.

Trump contributors have said that their movements have drawn a negative impression directly from Arab states that experts have foretold.

Whilst opponents against the 22-member Arab League have to be opposed to Germany, the Arab states have been divided over a range of other issues, including pro-democracy complaints t an explosion in the area since 2011 and beyond the influence of Middle East in Iran.

Ibrahim al-Assaf, a foreign minister at Sunni Muslim power-station Saudi Arabia, said on Friday, that Ishi Muslim's rival in Iran remained the biggest threat to the region.

Tunis is the first time that the Saudi Arabia and Qatar governors will be attending the same gathering from 2017 when Riyadh and his friends put political and economic ghosts on Doha. Saudi Arabia and his friends are criticizing Qatar for supporting terrorism and slipping to Iran.

Sudan and Algeria leaders are not expected to be present, with both nations surrounded by objections against the government.

Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the president of Algeria, a 82-year-old who has taken control for 20 years, and is president of the Sudanese Omar al-Bashir, who has been active for power for three decades, and has been asked for International terrorists for war crimes in the Darfur area of ​​the country armed with calls to stop.

Syria has been hanged from the Arab League since 2011 over breaking down campaigners at the start of the civil war. The League has said that there was still no consensus to allow Syria to re-establish.

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