It is the world's best search tool

For over 90 per cent of internet users, there is only one source for search engines: Google. But is the dog the best tool in the world? This question was the German stiftung Warentest who are now at the bottom. In a comparative test of 10 different providers, they will turn out to be a surprising result in the end, initially competitive land.

Various criteria

Although Google provides the best comfort and best search results according to the examiners, but many users don't use the search tool "PageHowever, the influence may still be felt, the Dutch competitor offers much improved data protection with such good research results, with a total of 10 search engines. involved,,,,,, and MetaGer.decalculated, tested in a number of criteria: the quality of research findings, the comfort of users and privacy. In addition, the Stiftung Warentest studied how the search tools behave in terms of producing user data.

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This is the winner's homepage.

Google Search, but not tracked

According to Stiftung Warentest, a starting page was able to believe the final two points. Data protection is clearly clearer than other search engines that have been audited. And since the Dutch is using Google's search technology, they are also in the search results with US competitors, who are still identifying this measure for this conclusion. However, some filters include Start Start between his own page and Google. Applications received on Startpage will be forwarded to anonymous Google. In this case, IP addresses are not found. Starter pages will not be monitored and will therefore not display any personal ads. This is the provider's slogan, "the world's most iconic research tool“Offer truly.

Starter page in front of Google

As a result, Startpage comes to fruition with the “good” level first. Google continues on level 2. The highest ranking dogs are getting better in quality and comfort, but tests show that data protection deficiencies are present. The US Internet giant gathers, not only about the research, but also about other Google services and data with no Android number of users (including location). The other providers are dealing with it. Praise to Strentung Warentest, u.a. for Ecosia.orgas this provider is highly committed to environmental protection. Microsoft search engine Bing also appears in private and at secret yahoo Above all, there were a lot of advertisements appearing.

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