Katie Price's personal trainer is setting up a beef with Kris Boyson overweight

The relationship that Katie Price made with many people in the world is behind the recent pattern of stone and the second half of her earnings has seen her personal trainer apply.

Matt Fiddes, who was designed by Katie next month, said that having won 11kg in recent months means she is out believe.

He was also in danger of burning further beef with Kris Boyson, the weeping killer from Katie, who banned Matt from going into Katie's big house like a clothes are jealous.

Personal trainer Matt Fiddes says Katie's hard life makes her cross on the notes

Katie has recently been issued with 11kg

"A stroke is a big factor in gaining weight as this is what gets you to litter!" Matt explained to New! magazine.

"I'm involved with her and she's very good at what is happening with her guests. I don't know how she deals with it. I don't understand how I might get on with it." Anyone dealing with the old people like that.

"The day-to-day responsibility of the court is after court proceedings, legal action … Dealing with him alone and trying to wake up and go to the gym is a healthy place to live, as well as looking after the children. , horrible, "he said.

Matt also suggested Katie's decision had to allow her to move into her big house – which she has turned down – a huge commotion with Kris.

Matt believes Kris Boyson has been jealous of him

Matt says Katie Kris woke up by asking him to move in

“He doesn't seem to be happy training him,” Matt went on.

“Why was she going to move for three weeks and my family move there when her lover could train her strangely. It is weakening, with PT famous to train your wife [sic – Katie and Kris are not married] when you are doing for a living. A teeth is a kick. "

Kris has been accused of having been hanging out in the last few weeks after being trapped in a live stream telling her that she is watching "fat", like "tramp". "that she was" scary ".

In her new series Katie Katie: My Crazy Life, the personal trainer Kris, 31, she asks Katie to lose weight and ramps through her kitchen trying out every tasty taste. she has.

Kris was accused of his quarry

He also makes her dinner eat in the clothes of her clothes to try to make it think about portion size.

Katie, who turns 41 in May, told Loose Women last week that she is "flying" with her body, despite she being 9l 13lbs completely healthy – up from its normal weight of 8l 3bb.

"Everybody would say, 'You wait until you get to 40 – he'll change it all and I said,' Nah, I just eat what you want. ' wanting !,, "she said to the panel.

"But through the night this has just changed. I have plucked it up here and there. I pressed and I look screaming right now.

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Matt has subsequently given Katie a weight loss program

She is desperate to get back to the deadlock and he said

"It's to change."

Matt said he has put five of a mother on a tight diet, cutting off your alcoholic drinks and food, and now he is eating food at the top and sauce. support materials.

“We have found a mission to burn bikini in three weeks… as long as she is following my program it will be fine,” he said.

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