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Kieran Hayler is moving over with Michelle's friend as Katie Price will be posting cryptic messages

Kieran Hayler has crossed a new girl Michelle Pentecost as her previously-settled wife Katie Price is pledged by her conduct up a series of cryptic careers.

Kieran, who had five years' wedding with Katie at the end of last year, sent off to a five-star hotel with her new boyfriend marking her 32nd birthday. T date of birth.

Sharing photos of his time away, Kieran gushed: "32 and feel new !!!!! Is an amazing date! Thank you to Michelle and my friends and family."

Kieran Hayley is angry about his new friend

He and Michelle spent the night in a luxury hotel for his birthday

Sharing the couple, who started to revisit after a meeting at the school dates, a deep evening over strawberries and chocolate-covered chains at a Alexander House hotel in Sussex, far from home he shares Jett and Bunny with Katie and Bunny's children.

But as he enjoyed children from Michelle's free time, Katie talked strange messages about a reprimand on Instagram.

Read one post which she published: "Today I agreed to grant you forgiveness. You did not get because you gave you your reasons, or because you caused the pain you caused, but t because the soul is right to peace. "

Katie shared a series of cryptic careers

Since then, she has deleted all the men

Alongside, Katie wrote: "I did something amazing that needed strong courage and something I never thought I'd be so proud of myself."

In jobs that were deleted from that, Katie told her she had been talking to a secret friend all night and worked with a pardon.

“People are promising you, that your friend has repeatedly betrayed you again,” read one of her other messages.

"It's not pardon of their hardship, they trust them again," read a third one, for which the previous glass had put on: "Something I want to work with".

Katie hit the spree at the end of the night

Her cryptic roles led fans to believe that Katie was talking about her best friend, Jane Pountney, who cut off her life after she had been out that Jane and Kieran had been getting sex over her big house.

Katie's promise was deep, and she removed Jane's long-term friend by telling interviewees that she wanted to die in a variety of ways.

Katie and Jane were good friends of their teenagers but they got to the enemies of the enemies after she had been involved at Kieran, which happened at least seven months, and saw that it was unprotected. Katie is home to Katie.

Katie with Kieran and former BFF Jane Pountney before they found out about the betrayal

They were only caught when Katie – then five months with Knyran's daughter – was kissing and rubbing on a sunbed while they were on holiday in Cape Verde. .

“I started walking across to the beach and in the distance, I could see these two silhouettes on the sunshine. It was my heart going on because I knew it was them. ” T

"Then they were kissing each other. I got the king under my head, pulled her out of the sun's floor and I started taking it off, saying," I am. who did you know from the king. "

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