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Libs and Labor are promising money for breast cancer

Libs and Labor are promising money for breast cancer

Rapid breast cancer patients save up to $ 1500 per scan, no matter what the main party wins the federal election in May.

Labor leader Bill Shorten is committed to encouraging Medicare funding by $ 47 million to provide accessible access to breast cancer scans and to reduce the cost of cancer treatment.

“Medicare already provides MRI-like money to men with breast cancer – but not for women with breast cancer, but in very limited circumstances," said Mr Shorten.

“As a result, up to $ 1500 has been spent on thousands of women for the shields used to quickly replace cancer, deciding what to do when cancer is stopped and the risk of cancer falling. '

The cost of multi-million dollars can cost up to thousands of dollars.

Greg Hunt's Health Minister also hopes to secure $ 32.6 million funding for breast cancer scanning at Medicare.

Mr Hunt hopes to benefit around 14,000 a year.

The government is also planning to apply PET scans for advanced breast cancer to the Medicare list from November this year, helping to save around 10,000 patients up to $ 1000.

“These cracks can save lives and reduce your out-of-pocket cost for families struggling for breast cancer,” said Mr Hunt.

Labour's health spokeswoman Catherine King said the cost was making a big contribution to the concern women were having through their diagnosis of cancer.

“In the worst of cases, some women can avoid these faults completely as they cannot pay for high expenses out of a pocket,” she said.

Medicare products from the Labor world will be planned in consultation with experts, more money would come from the closure of international business tax cages.


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