Lightweight PET process offered for leek bottles

oPTI.JPGPlastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is now doing its & # 39; lightweight oPTI ™ process that is converted by a & # 39; what is available for bidding applications. The process can be used to make bottles in a variety of structural settings according to the shelf objectives and the marketing of the soil. These include the conversion of PET monolayer and two transclassified options: an OPTI inside and a traditional PET outside envelope that is filled over, or within a PET Traditional with OPTI technology used to make the outside.

The options for the development have been developed to deliver a retail difference with performance features at a much lower cost than one-stop laptops, with PTI. The double structures also enable the use of restricting features. For example, an oxygen barrier can be added to the internal menu, while & # 39; The external is made by carbon dioxide barriers.

In addition, the oPTI process allows visual disorders and an unfamiliar feeling in the apple section, according to PTI. Colorant can be used in conjunction with each of the structure in the structure apart from each other to achieve visual impact. In addition, brand support has a high level capacity when using outer OPT technology.

PTI states that OPTI technology is capable of making bottlenecks with better light barriers compared to traditional PET ships. In addition, the foam process allows up to 5% light with a huge loss.

Launched in 2009, the production technology leaves the PET process processes. The oPTI process is based on preforms made from MuCell® microcellular foam induction technology with the permission of Trexel, Inc. The bottles can be damaged by a normal device, unnecessary blow damage.

In addition to PET, the technology of a foam bottle is related to other objects such as polylactic acid (PLA) and polyethylene naphthalate (PEN). Among the potential bids, there are a range of bottlenecks and friends in food, drink, personal care, household chemicals and other markets.

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