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Michael Steinhardt challenged me – the Diaspora


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WASHINGTON – It wasn't funny because the prestigious philanthropist Michael Steinhardt asked me to get in touch with him. It wasn't funny once, more. It was not funny the third time or the fourth time in that meeting. It wasn't funny when he tried to sell me for two people for $ 1 million. It was not funny when he left me telling me that he was "unaware" that I was unmarried and had children, and that he would not give my work because of that. Despite all the Steinhardt writings for Jewish Week New York, the New York Times last week, or released in a public statement last week, is this type of behavior not the same? Only part of his schtick, as he put it, is not just a joke. It is sexual harassment.

My four-year struggle stands for Steinhardt's countenance for insulting me while working in Hillel International showing how powerful savers are still defending, enabling them to defend themselves t and protected, even at #MeToo.

At most stages, I did the “right” things after having been targeted. I have immediately reported an account of Steinhardt's conduct to my supervisor, have taken part in an audit and my accounts have been confirmed with my results. I am grateful that Hillel International took over the responsibility for research into a powerful man as Steinhardt, but in spite of contested indifference, my community and Steinhardt have not given any responsibility for the conduct of carrying goods. confidentiality open for decades. Instead, virtually every version of this experience has resulted in serious bombardment of sexual harassment as an unharmed bone.

“Just words,” as Steinhardt is publicly reported; “Pulling out,” according to Charles Bronfman. As one man put it, "at least he wasn't Harvey Weinstein." Is it a wonder that Steinhardt named himself as the “King of Israel” when he conferred on him, surrounded by people confirm the idea that the words can not be wrong?

Words come out – under the law and Judaism values ​​- and it comes out to realize that attraction of enemy is a natural thing. Sexual harassment is too difficult, affecting professional development of victims, emotional well-being, physical health, personal relationships and sometimes career pathways.

Long adverse effects can be long overdue. In killing me, someone who sent my story to the button made a pledge to others who reveal my identity to colleagues and a few people who have really brought it to the knowledge, put a message to me. to him as part of the job. “Severe sexual assault should not be seriously detrimental to the effects of verbal disturbance, and no-one should be allowed to support sexual reactions and resistance to work as part of their work.

If Harvey Weinstein – and rape – the only level we have for what is inappropriate behavior, we have a real problem. By behaving together, this allows lawyers to pass a pass as their behavior doesn't grow physically allowing the kind of humiliation and abuse that women need to keep. And related voices that eliminate such behavior just like a fun joke will mistakenly say women are complaining about what behavior they should be throwing out.

The uncomfortable fact that Steinhardt is not anomaly is.

Others, like Professor Steven M. Cohen, government spokesman for Israel David Keyes and journalist Ari Shavit, have spoiled their work with women. Whether they were harassing the women as Steinhardt or being accused of being physically active like the others, teasing must be accountable and influence their actions. But we also need to look at the shared vision and address the challenges of Jewish establishments to allay and allow them to do more to make safe places. us all.

If we want to build a culture that does not see sexual harassment and attack to attack, the role cannot be attributed to people who appear to be more vulnerable to progression. Witnesses and witnesses and leaders must take unpleasant risks to prevent sexual harassment and challenge them so that victims and lives do not.

When harassment is received from powerful people who are making the check, there should be no disregard for acknowledging that there is abuse and that it will not attempt to delete items. And when they are addressing donors who abuse their power because of the respect and well-being of staff, institutions based on values, including faith groups, must will be willing to pay the price of literacy. After all, a choice between the grant or the sanctions and safety of staff will not be an option unless we take our moral responsibilities seriously. I'm worth more. We are worth more.

It is time to stop the secrets that are open about some people in power. It is time to stop rude people being dismissed as “just part of another generation.” And it is a long time for Jewish centers to put systems in place to deal with harassment and harassment. abuse when they occur.

As part of the Safety Respect Equity Coalition, Hillel International has put in place new systems for reporting harassment, training for all supervisors in order to know how it may react if there are reports of t harassment and preventative training. We need to do the work to change organizational culture and stop anyone doing what I am doing and many more.

Just when we all do that – when we choose to honor the honor of each person over the deep pockets of some people – come to life and our associated voices to a degree more than a few t carrying them so terrible. And then individuals lose their power to plunder members of the communities they want to serve. The ideas and comments expressed in this article are those of the author and they don't reflect the views of JTA or his parent company, 70 Faces Media.

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