Microsoft JEDI gets against Amazon Web Services, says analyst

Just six months ago, they were analysts who were in a position; Amazon is believed to be the post-dated post date in the race for a $ 10 billion deal with the Pentagon. But now, breath says, Microsoft has a chance to fight.

Nowadays, these clouds, along with IBM and Oracle, compete for their & # 39; Contract Undertaking Cooperation Protection (JEDI) contract, contractor-building contract to transfer war information sensitive to the cloud.

Just about a year ago, Amazon Web Services had 80% chance of winning, while Microsoft had a 20% chance, Daniel Ives, leader of justice research director at Wedbush Securities, wrote in a note for the " Monday. The gap has decreased to AWS with 60% of access and Microsoft has 40% of access.

Ives sends this application to the "Cloud Super Bowl," and says that the person who wins will be a crucial moment in the evil wars between the two testimonies. And although it is far from something true, Microsoft has a better chance than ever before.

"I think that Microsoft still has some woods to crack against the next six to eight weeks and that's why it's going to be a wild battle between the Two Seattle brothers here to win JEDI, "said Ives ri Business Insider. "In my opinion, the most important cell design has ever been."

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Microsoft is doing some progress

JEDI is not the chief of the chief, and there will be other emerging government discussions, says Ives.

But the winner of the JEDI for years has a ripple impact, he says. Whatever JEDI will win, it will be more likely to win international governmental government contracts, and Ives estimates will be worth $ 20 billion over the next five years. This is why all companies in JEDI carefully look after investors in each company, as a mark of what's coming.

In the last few months, Microsoft made steady progress with the Azure Government scout, which is proven to handle the distribution of information. He hopes to win the highest security authority at the government, which of the cloud giants has, there is only AWS and # 39; kept. Microsoft also invests in its artificial information product line.

What's more, Microsoft has deepened its relationship with the Department of Defense. In January, Microsoft just awarded a $ 1.76 billion contract with the department for software development services.

Amazon had become a scout vendor for the government, as it had previously won a $ 600 million cloud contract with the CIA. However, Microsoft's relationship with the Department of Defense has passed over 40 years, to the company's earliest days. And Microsoft has many relationships with IT consultants and system administrators who specialize in a & # 39; helps major government agencies such as the DoD to use new technology.

"Although Microsoft could have a low price on Amazon and AWS from a colorful perspective, Microsoft is in a strong position especially when it comes to a partner network, especially in & # 39; Beltway, "said Ives. "That has allowed the company to turn it up in the last two months."

The ring of benefit

The race, which Ives says, is coming down to the retailer with whom the Pentagon is more comfortable. Ives says that when he was talking to Washington agents, I do not know that Microsoft has no sense of sensation for his / her. contract.

AW knows that Microsoft is growing up, and there is no decision that Amazon has named a new headquarters near Washington, D.C., even as it did; It grew up with the VMware campaign firm, Ives says.

"Microsoft has stepped up in its partner ecosystem so that he can be a jazz for JEDI," said Ives. "The Azure Government's scout has been important. We got that case early in January in their ad."

Both clouds have somewhat restricted: when the two companies saw a week's earnings, AWS saw 45% year-on-year saw, while Microsoft Azure saw 76% over the year. Google dropped out of the previous JEDI race.

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