Monty Python star Eric Idle there letter of letter 'anthrax'; that was sent home

The narrator Monty Python Eric Idle was hit by an anthrax cure when his suspicious powder was brought to his home.

The firefighters rose into bicycle costumes to Hollywood Hills house after a worker discovered the powder in a letter dated 911.

The original inspectors were initially treated as anthrax scare, but after that they identified that there was no danger.

“There is no danger in worrying,” said an officer. 'No powder was found for us.'

Eric Idle

Anthrax usually affects animals but their spores can cause deadly lung diseases in humans.

Two women were taken to hospital as a protective measure Monday but they did not show any symptoms, the fire department confirmed.

Old Python star Eric Idle

It was sent by shipping attenders to the Hollywood Hills, Idle.

Idle, 76, is a Spanish hotel house of 5,200 square feet, which has been bought for £ 1.2 million 20 years ago, by his wife, the former Tania Kosevich model.

Last year, Idle said he had no plans to revive Monty Python for the 50th anniversary of the program, reporting on the organisation's recovery in 2014 as a "blessing".

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