Most cultural differences between the USA and Israel

Some New Yorkers prefer to say that people go to DC to engage in politics, that LA is to be famous, and New York to be successful.

That includes a funny move with work. There is an uncommon work of 300 hours per month, and it does not respond to emails at 1 am in the morning or weekends.

Though many of the hard-working Israelis are working hard – my husband works about 300 hours a month, too – most of the people I have are doing meeting including the work-life balance. It's a good day? Enter a sick and go to the beach!

An example of this is no greater than in the personal training place. In New York, my personal trainer's favorite hours are early in the morning, late in the evening, and at weekends. In Israel, just have a go at slots at these times as none of the trainers don't want to get up early, lose dinner, or work at the weekend.

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