Mother Kulanu MK is killed by a mixture of spices after leaving Party

A woman died on Tuesday after being run by a truck mixing in Tel Aviv named as a mother of a distributor from a Kulanu party.

MK Roy Folkman's mother, Naomi, 78, was beaten as she left her headquarters of a campaign; party in Tel Aviv.

"My mother asked me at 4:14 pm, just before I left the headquarters, and told her not to wait for me because I was I ran to my meeting, "said Folkman in a statement.

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"It's hard for me that I can not give her a quiet time for the last trip," he said.

Kulanu MK Roy Folkman speaks at a cultural event in Kfar Saba town center on 2 February 2019. (Flash90)

Folkman, 43, was a single child.

In a heart message posted on Facebook, Kulanu chairman, Moshe Kahlon, said, "The catastrophe of Roy and his family … has been unnatural. She met her accidentally before an accident. We shinty on us and we said well. Who knew that this is our last meeting. "

Kulani published pictures by Naomi Folkman who had previously met Kahlon and sent a statement to her; explaining his "faithful and faithful faithfulness" to Folkman and his family, as lawyers from across the political field.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he and his wife Sara "heartened emotions to MK Roy Folkman and his family."

Kulanu said he would later inform the time and funeral situation of Naomi Folkman.

Folkman went to Kulanu ahead of the 2015 elections and has been a party blind chairman in the Knesset.

Raoul Wootliff added this report.

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