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New research links to a low level by including red meat and red meat with an increased risk of death – Food t

New US research has found that eating even small amounts of red meat and cured meat could increase the risk of a loved one, compared to eating meat at all.

Composed by researchers at Loma Linda University Health in California, the new survey showed that 72,149 participants took part in Adventist Health Study-2 (AHS-2), a major survey of people from the countries t Adventist from the seventh day in the United States. and Canada.

About 50 per cent of Adventists are plant-vegetables, and the meat-hunters only eat small amounts, allowing the researchers to investigate the low-impact of red meat and processed meat t to eat meat in a huge setting.

“Question on a lower level of ownership did not answer compared to eating meat unanswered,” explained Saeed Mast Alshahrani, the authoritative author of the survey. “We wanted to take a closer look at the society t involving red meat and red meat for all causes, cardio-diseases, and cancer mortality compared to those who do not eat meat at all. " t

The participants' diet assessment was carried out by the researchers using the food frequency questionnaire, and collected data on mortality from the National Death Index.

Of the participants eating meat, 90 per cent of them ate only about two ounces or less of red meat each day.

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The results, published in the Nutrients magazine, showed that there were 7,961 deaths in the average of 11.8 years, and 2,598 caused by cardiovascular diseases, and 1,873 because of cancer.

In addition, the team also found that eating low levels of red meat and meat were associated with moderate death risk from all causes and from CVD, compared to zero.

However, meat eating was not on its own, which has changed to improve flavor through healing, smoking or salting, largely due to the risk of death, which may result from the low participation rates in this survey.

The researchers report that the new study suggests that eating red and red meat, even in small quantities, can result in death risk from all of the factors, and particularly from influenza disease. .

Author Michael Orlich, MD, PhD said that the results support the growing research group that red meat and red meat can have negative effects on health.

“Our results add weight to the evidence already apparent that eating red and processed meat has a negative impact on health and life,” he said.

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