New York State health insurance lawyers now need to have a PSA blood test cover

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A new law has been made silently in January that health insurance agents need to do; includes the cost of current screening for cancer and prosthetic, a measure that aims to encourage more people to consider the benefits that will be proven.

New York is the only nation in the country that gives a law that is a law; Supports a full PSA blood test insurer investigation (a special antigen to prostate), which helps to complete proven risk of illicit cancer.

The new law is the consortium of a consortium of New York magicians and patient advocacy not only that the legislation has seen, but over a two-year period he made a case for his or her case among royalties in Albany.

"As long as practicing physicians are, we were ahead of us," said Dr Deepak Kapoor, president of High Urology Centers, with offices throughout the Long Island and in New York City. "This is something that has been done for the benefit of public relations.

We had lawyers on both sides of the corridor that joined forces to do this, "said Kapoor, a long-term advocate on PSA screening." This is what happens to bipartisanship. It was also a good example of the private and non-profit organizations working closely with legislators to do this. "

One of the main advocacy agencies. in Hewlett, which was based in 9 in the 9 British Cancer Compensation and supported the law, Kapoor said.

In terms of insurance coverage, New York now has a prostate screening of people compared to normal mammography, which came under the Induction Care Act throughout the country with a passageway in 2010. No ACA attendants have the same opinion as the PSA, despite the frequency of prostate cancer in the United States and costs similar to both types of cancer screening.

An average PSA test is between $ 60 and $ 80, and a mammog can cost anywhere from $ 75 to $ 250, but it is usually around $ 100, according to a number of local and national patient advocacy agencies.

This is about removing barriers, "Kapoor said about the law.

Some people may have on screen avoided because their copper insurance company needs. Others, who said Kapoor, said they had been careful about tests due to information about the PSA's trust.

Despite criticism of the test, the PSA in the last decades on care care has changed significantly by doing so; offering early screening, detection and cancer control, Kapoor said.

The PSA is part of our weapons, "he said about tools to help reduce the risk of cancer prostain." It is a gate test. It's not perfect and nobody would say that the PSA is just a perfect device. But it is a device of a skilled supplier to find out if more tests are warranted. "

Prostate cancer is the second biggest cause of cancer in men, with more than 240,000 new diagnoses and 28,000 deaths in the United States every year.

Although cancer screening is not 100 percent, Kapoor says that the PSA has been controversial for years.

The US Advanced Service Task Group failed to suspend a screen in 2012 only slightly back last year. Seven years ago, the independent panel of health sciences involved in the Department of Health and Human Services Department for D.D. The committee has a & # 39; Suggestions on clinical barrier services, especially screenshots.

In 2018, panel members made their final suggestion, giving a C level of PS for men aged 55 to 69, saying that they should talk to their doctors about the benefits and disagreement before they came in. Committee members praised screening for 70 and over 70s, giving letter to D.

For older men, they have concluded that the benefits of the test are not higher than "harm", which has been defined as the worry that has been made with additional tests required if there is a positive result. The oldest males are more likely to be a slower growing population that does not cause death.

People with an average risk should consider writing, starting at age 50, and Kapoor said African-American men and anyone with family history should Disease considering screening at 40. People of all ages should consider the exam with their doctors.

Kapoor-and other doctors – saying that it is best to know the status of one than left in the dark.

"I'm completely in the camp there," said Dr. Aaron Katz, urology chairman at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Mineola.

"I was trained as a psychologist when there was no method of screening for cancer and prosthetic. I remember men who come in with pain," Katz said about pain; cause prosthetic cancer that has been discharged into patients' bones with their disease; time of cancer.

We need to be very fond of this, "he said on screening." We should not set up in the sand. "

Katz stressed that PSA output is not just about cancer and can have cancer. And even if cancer is found, he said, the illness may be slower and slow; What doctors need to have to do? look like an active analysis, a strategy in which the tumor is over time.

Katz's patients have been actively monitored for as long as 15 years.

Kapoor also supports emotional monitoring, a strategy in which the PSA also supports; take part.

"The resources of the PSA as you use it over time, Kapoor said." Different methods are used. If you have an uncommon PSA, it's an invitation to get more tests. We have done the patient through additional evaluation and we only have when we have asked us to proceed with a biopsy. "

Experts advise against current exams for cancer prostain

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