Nipsey Hussle, who is suspected of murder, is being named as a transmitter stampede 19 t

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Middle mediaNipsey Hussle, 33, was shot dead outside his store store in Los Angeles.

Police have sent someone suspected of murdering Los Angeles Nipsey Hussle, hours after stamping with a seriously injured tree at least 19 people.

Authorities are reporting that Eric Holder was the man who wanted to fire them on Sundaywhich was verified by murder.

Most people suffered from "critical damage" at a Monday, said a fireman, when passengers tried to chase away.

Two are seriously injured and two are seriously injured, while the rest are suffering from 'life-threatening injury'.

One of the people who were badly injured suffered an "emotional, impressive and stateless injury".

Images from the scene show that people are suddenly breaking and running from the place. The occasion is unclear.

The police asked people to "spread it near" and moved in to re-order the process, according to the reported use of a riot gear and a rumor. make false lines.

Missiles fired at the shoot appear to be "not correct", by the police clearing the cloth t.

Nipsey Hussle was killed dead outside his clothes shop on Sunday. Two others were wounded.

The 33-year-old has been blessed with the first recorded Victory Lap record for best rap in this year's Grammy Awards.

  • Advantages of the raft on his murder Nipsey Hussle

Hussle, the correct name Ermias Davidson Asghedom, went up in southern Los Angeles and was a member of Rollin's street gang as a teenager.

He later became a community organizer, and was involved in the Destination Crenshaw arts project.

"I grew up in band culture," he said to Los Angeles Times in 2018. "We were dealing with death, murder. It was like living in a war zone t where people die on these blocks and everyone is a little protected. "

Earlier on Sunday, he had tweeted: "Strong enemies are blessings."

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