Oppo Find Z to come to a smartphone

Oppo applications for trade marks for Find Z, maybe the best model of Chinese producers, which is expected in a few months.

A number of new Oppo phones are expected in the coming months. A company already named after MWC 2019 and # 39; First digital phone display with 10x zoom bar, with Oppo F19 and F19 Pro. There are also facts that the follower of Oppo Find X will be released quickly. A new merchandise makes us feel that this tool does not find the name Find X2.

Oppo tweed phone

Phone oppo Oppo Find Z

Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommation signed a trade mark on 2 February 2019 with the EUIPO (Intellectual Property Property Office) for the brand name Find Z. A Class 9 is also described; Travel communication points, cell phones, smartphones.

Within the Find series, the highest Oppo modules were available for years. Despite this, he stayed very quiet after entering the 7th in early 2014. To date in June 2018 the Oppo Find X was published. The unlimited mobile phone with self-moving automated camera is an incredible look.


There are already several people about Oppo Find X2. This satellite phone would also be fitted with a 10 optical zoom bar. The device would also receive a punch-hole camera, or a hole in the display for a & # 39; selfie camera The pop-up camera will be suspended, so the device may be more sustainable with water and dust. In addition, Oppo Find will have an indoor machine scanner at the new phone.

Now, a Chinese digital phone device has signed a brand application for the name Find Z, it seems that the person who comes out will not find X X2, but find Z. D & The device may already be shown at MWC 2019, although it is more likely to release their smartphones a few months later. Finally, the X Search was named in June.

Show trade mark for Oppo Find Z.

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