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Published 9 February, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

9 February, 2019 le Zachary Shahan

If you have tested to Tesla Modal 3, Model S, or Model X order before February 1 but forgot or did not forget to give a trigger code for free 6-9 months, do not be scared – you can still do it!

We, Paul Fosse, have spent a little time to dig into Tesla's application program problems, and including how to get the transfer code to us after ordering. Although it is not as easy as to include the Supercharging concessionary code on the order page, it is not hard to get in there.

The key, indeed, would have to order your vehicle (or Tesla Powerwall or top of the sun) by 2 February. Also, if you have already delivered the delivery, my understanding is that your ability is to get a & # 39; transmitter bonus. Sorry.

However, if you decided to order before 1 February, I have not yet donated (like many Model 3, Model S, and Model X customers in Europe), and are now ready to code submit (is tomasz7234's case if you want to use it), these are the simple steps:

  1. Send e-mail to [email protected] (no [email protected] if you are in Europe) with the word "Mention"In the subject line.
  2. Put your case name, The Communications information, The reserve number (starting with RN), and the reference code you want to use (for example, tomasz7234 if I use my account in a group that e-mail address
  3. Stop it.

You may not get a response from Tesla, but even so, it should be used. (You do not have to try again.)

Without being out of the way, with the first Tesla on the way, you may want to. think about everything. How does he work heavily – the tax, the driver's drive, road trips, Autopilot, the touchscreen, etc. So below, I will provide a bunch of our basic scenes and early lessons from the beginning of the year. Tesla Model S in Europe.

First of all, if you do not have a home tax, do not worry! Just know where there are tax stations in your area and in particular identify some at common destinations (the grocery store, the center, the park, the beach, etc.). In fact, with Tesla, you may have an appropriate facility nearby. Although real-speed taxes are not good enough and you do not have to do it much if you have your destination fees. (In Florida, we will find it completely and appropriately with her 71 miles 2015 BMW i3 without cutting home.)

Road trips It is often easier, comfortable, and sociable than a journey to travel in any type of vehicle, a wonderful idea. I was driving with a partner from Poland to Paris (and back) in Model S and I was there; Honestly thought that the trip in the Model S was twice as common as it was in Mercedes, BMW or Audi. (Well, the mask back in the Mercedes-Benz head could have been a close competition.) There are several reasons why it's a great time to take a trip in Tesla:

  1. An navigation system Yes greatYou are very much just to sign into your destination – even if it's all over the mainland – and follow the instructions of your destination; car.
  2. If you have an Autopilot, e driving on the road about 3 × more enjoyable.
  3. The flat corridor, electricity reduces tiredness. It is quiet.
  4. You should stop each hour on a road trip. Many people (like me) think they're better at & # 39; move through and drive for 3-4 hours (or more). However, that's not amazing. Having a duty of halting every 2 hours in the Tesla, I'm sure I'd be able to. Feeling a lot better than I was spread in gasmobile.
  5. Power. The power, the child.

If your touchscreen is frosty up or do something, do not worry. The car is still moving well. To reset the screen in Model S or Model X (I'm not sure about Module 3), just click and hold down the two scroll bars on your guide to your pages. Keeping them down for about 5 seconds send the touchscreen back and it should solve the problem. (I had a problem at once with the talk address to get involved in the middle of the way that an old CD could be done).

Also, when the screen is restarted, The do not press outYou will hear it closing down and it may be difficult to think that a & # 39; car closing when not. Indeed, even after this several times, it would occasionally break me out just. (I had to do it many times because there was parking underground in a parking garage that would cut the internet signal. Unless the internet signal, Spotify did not work and it did not The address would work. It usually took a long time to identify the internet if I stayed, so I just needed to restart the touchscreen.)

Tesla vehicles are wide rangingYesterday, they are. Just be aware. And protectors get protection. And always try to think that the car is around a broader hand distance on both sides than you think it is.

Make ready for talkIf you're in California or Norway, I think you're not worried. On the other hand, there is a great chance that your new Tesla will attract many sights and questions. You might be surprised at times of interest in your Tesla. Discuss your points and you may have a new way to keep you new so you're not bored. You can look at Easter eggs (their favorite ones), acceleration, highest safety levels, clear navigation system, Autopilot, frunk, slick music player, range ( The second thing or the second thing that most of you complies), is as easy as easy as it is to & # 39; cost, nylon and unlocked, renewable bike, overseas air conditioning, very good auto efficiency, and so on. I recommend a great way to keep these conversations new for you, however, because they will get a little over 100+ conversation.

In fact, you can also share the 30 Tesla bad sales records to tell them how competitive it is Model 3, Model S, and Model X.

Check your setup to the Tesla Shuttle network if you're happy to take home-to-town homeowners once a few hundred dollars, and / or add it to Turo, Lyft, or Uber if those options are ready for you.

If there is an unfortunate service case, make sure you are Tesla service options ahead of time. You can take your Tesla to the service that you deliver your car, but it may be possible for you to come up with Ranger Tesla and your car service at home or work. In fact, you can call Tesla about service issues, but you can now contact Tesla for some things through the app or address system.

The Tesla app, by the way, it's wonderful and fun. Amongst the things you could do with the app I found was very useful included:

  • Pre-cooling does not preheat a car
  • lock and solve a car
  • to monitor status risk
  • to open its & # 39; barrier or adverse
  • attacking her horn or her / her; splashing the lights (especially sport you can do while someone else is in the car or walking by side)

You can also refer to it and you can now walk it, but I was honest too tough to even try out the basic concept of choice. ?

Finally, you can use the app to convert a Valet Modal or Wind-Wind Mode to restrict whether another drive can be done while you are. Take your car to the park or anywhere else.

If you have a friend marry, consider offering up to Tesla as the wedding car. In my wonderful idea, nothing else will compare. The net, high tech, herb, herb in Tesla is suitable for a wedding day. You can even use the design app on the touchscreen to pull the heart, write a message, or make a mistake on the & # 39; happy couple in another way.

I'm sure I'm missing something and tips are more interesting and useful. Some other Tesla owners may come in with their thoughts, their own lessons, or the best things to do with Tesla.

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