Oregon women lived to 99 with members in the wrong places

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Rose Marie Bentley lived to the age of 99 unknown about her rare circumstances

A woman from the US who died at 99 years of her natural uncle had stayed with her organs at the side of her body because of the rare conditions.

Rose Marie Bentley, a pet food store owner who died in October 2017, took her body for research at a university in Portland, Oregon.

First students were from the anatomy class who noticed that few of their members were in the area where they were to be.

Despite many medical treatments, her condition was not recognized.

People are worried that Mrs Bentley was able to afford to live as long and healthy as possible.

She got situs inversus with levocardia, which means that her liver, stomach and other limb were turned on the right to the left – the mirror of a human human dam. But her heart was still in the normal conditions, to the left of her body.

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The medical photograph on the left shows the situation of Mrs Bentley, situs inversus of levocardia, where the human body has a mirror of a normal human dam while the picture on the right of the page shows unusual Another in the cardiovascular cavity Mrs Bentley.

The situation is "surpassingly unusual", said professor Cam Cam Walker, professor of anatomy at Oregon University of Health and Science, who helped students in his class solve the mystery of Mrs Bentley's body.

Dr Walker told the BBC that the search had been found when the students had been falling out with the sack card and they couldn't find a large vessel. T The results of "effluent effect" started as they realized that Mrs Bentley's body was particularly special.

The Situs preview with levocardia is rare, occurring about once in every 22,000 births. It is usually linked to the issues of heart that affect life and other unusual things, making Mrs Bentley's long life even more special.

Dr Walker estimates that only one in 50 million people born with this situation live to adulthood. He and his colleagues conclude that perhaps the most alive man of the state is Mrs Bentley. Scientists are aware of only two other cases where patients reached the age of 70.

“None of my colleagues had ever seen a gift from situs inversus and some of them had been teaching for more than 30 years,” said Dr Walker. "I had never seen anything like that."

"The students don't think I think it is," he said.

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Dr Cam Walker and Dr Mark Hankin who researched the rare issue of Mrs Bentley

Mrs Bentley lived most of her adult life in Oregon, near the north-west rural village of Molalla. She owned him and was working with Bentley Feed Store with her husband.

Louise Allee, one of Mr and Mrs Bentley's five children, told the Oregon Health and Science University that her mother would continue to raise the attention of her rare issue.

"My mum thought this was so cool, Ms Allee said. T

Mrs Bentley's children told the university that she was living to a healthy life, not having any illness, except for arthritis.

She had received three surgeries, but only the doctor who gave her the apology mentioned her unusual circumstances.

Both Mr and Mrs Bentley decided to place their bodies on the Oregon University Health and Science University donation program, after reading a poem by Robert Noel Test about remembering the lovers; they are left behind.

"She might get a big smile on her face", said Ms Allee to the university. "Understand that she was different, but she made it through. "

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