Princeton's Jewish community will fight over an Israeli Shabbat dinner – Diaspora

Students at Princeton University campus

Students at Princeton University campus.
(credit rating: LEANAS DOMINICK / REUTERS)


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(JTA) – Shabbat's Israeli dinner has divided members of the Princeton University Jewish community.

Some said the university's Friday event at the Jewish Life Center was giving a one-sided view of the Jewish state.

Israel Shabbat was part of the centre's “Israel Week”, where events were held to “mark the celebration of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” T

The Israeli food and banners were in a dinner, as well as talks by Daniel Kurtzer, who was an ambassador for Israel in Israel, who is now professor at Princeton, and comedian Joel Chasnoff.

According to the Every day Princetonianhowever, the Center for Jewish Life was fully operational for the event – the Food Hall and Wilf Hall were well located.

But a group of Jewish students called a Jewish Progressive Alliance said the programs did not give any critical view of Israeli policies as it applies to the Palestinians. The band asked members of the site community not to attend Israel's Shabbat and they organized another dinner, which attracted about 50 participants, and the Daily Princetonian told him about it.

“We agree both politically and morally with the decision to host these events, and we have drawn your deepest appeal to the CJ's decision for Israel's Shabbat; make a Shabbat main event this week, ”wrote members of a Jewish Progress Alliance in the newspaper. .

Meanwhile, the president of the Center for Jewish Life, Gabriel Swagel, said that the events had not agreed with one political opinion.

“Hosting Israel Shabbat, we take no general position on Israeli government's policies or actions concerning the Israel-Palestina campaign,” wrote Swagel. “We understand that members of the community have a wide range of views about these policies, and encourage everyone to attend this event and communicate with them. age about Israel. ”

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