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Less than a year after the launch of Telescope TESS, NASA reports that they will find 50 years of Hot Saturn.

Satellite Transition Exoplanet Satellet (TESS) examines off-peak aircraft cover in April 2018. Information about going out of time with some of the now stars has been switched on * find that a previously aloplanet was found.

NASA's telescope finds that a gas planet is 50 billion years old

According to a study by the University of Iowa, which deals with the evaluation of the information, there is 60 times the size of the five-year plan than the Earth and the 9-fold radius. This makes the gas planet about the size of Saturn and a little heavier than the sun.

The "Hot Saturn"

The exoplanet is called TOI 197.01 – TOI stands for "TESS Rud of Interest". Scientists also say it is a hot Saturn because the planets are roughly the same size. However, the TOI 197.01 is significantly warmer. The upper surface of the exoplanet is higher because of its star rating, which could end up in just 14 days.

Valid data through TESS

By analyzing the data collected by TESS, researchers can find valuable information about solar systems. "This is the first water bottles from a fire pot with data we get from TESS," said Steve Kawaler, the co-author of the survey.

Two years after the mission started, in April 2020, it is said that the TESS has already carried out 85 per cent of the sky. It will be shown if Telescope Space Kepler is able to help you find out more about the labels.

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