Shuttle Shuafat to tighten & # 39; Israel's rule on Jerusalem & # 39; Jerusalem News

Shuafat refuge camp, who lived in East Jerusalem – Three pounds of debris continued to remove debris over twelve Palestineian stores; Using the street at the entrance to the Shufat refuge camp in East Jerusalem.

Transitors would go through the wire and concrete on Thursday, and # 39; clouding clouds to the air while boys and men were there; Looking back from the red tape that the Israeli police have set up.

"Can I go through?" asked a boy seven years old in a talk.

Unfortunately, for some, this was only another day to remain under the military work of Israel.

"It's just God that can help us," he said one who looks at the vision from the chair while & he eat peats.

There is undoubtedly the result of schools run by UNRWA [Mersiha Gadzo/Al Jazeera]

Building & illegal & # 39;

The armies of Israel had gone into the camp oron Wednesday, he closed his leaving points, splitting on the roofs of the houses and started to demolish 16 shops, affecting a living over 60 families.

Failure notes were issued to 20 Palestinian shops only one day earlier.

Established in 1965, two years before Israel was appointed to Jerusalem East, Shuafat is the only refuge camp in Jerusalem and is home to 23,000 people.

No building permit was granted to campus residents since military work began in 1967 in 1967, removing them to build them out of licenses and leaving Israel's routine slaughter, saying there were no permissions.

It is believed that Israeli authorities have been the largest demolition since the establishment of a " camp.

Changing character & # 39; camp & # 39;

The Palestinian Liberal Group (PLO) stopped the demolition on Wednesday, saying they were part of the Mayor Mayor Nir Barkat plan to stop the status of Shuafat as a refugee camp, bringing UNRWA out, a group United Nations countries, and complete the basic services it provides.

Ahmad Abu Naomh, head of the PLO's refugee division, was protesting the West Israeli Burgh on war on his death; camp "is illegal construction without permission".

Last month, Barkat announced plans to get rid of UNRWA services at home to "complete the problem of Palestinian refugees". He said that all UNRWA services run in East Jerusalem, such as schools, clinics and sports centers, will be transferred to the Israeli authorities.

Given a specific time, it was also informed that schools would serving 1,800 students closed before the end of the current school year.

Barkat said the US's decision was to cut $ 300m in relief for UNRWA's decision.

Yara Hawari, a Palestinian policyman at Al-Shabaka, told Al Jazeera that the Barkat statement for raising refugee status is a clear indication of "Israel's acceleration of its plan to geographical fact and demographics of the Great Jerusalem. "

Shop detection will be & # 39; affecting at least 60 families [Mersiha Gadzo/Al Jazeera]

"He has been encouraged to do that not only in the Trump Administration, who moved the US's ambassadors to the town earlier this year, but also with a large- part of the international community that is still amateur against such political movements. "

Control over it

Shuafat is surrounded by an elevated eight-meter concrete wall, cut off from the rest of the town.

Campus is part of the Jerusalem Municipality, but community or government services are not provided, UNRWA has provided core services to date.

"He is [the demolition] to confirm Israeli control over Jerusalem, "said Khader Dibes, a resident who agreed to report the PLO.

"This is the Barkat plan to complete the services of the [UNRWA] group. We are willing to attend UNRWA here until it provides services. "

Municipal Jerusalem workers went into camp for the first time and # 39; last month to remove rubbish, & # 39; Bring shoes among many who have seen this as the first step of the UNRWA reconstruction attack.

In the same month, 50 Palestinian structures were demolished in the West Bank, bringing 43 people. Since 1967, more than 48,700 structures were demolished in Palestinian residence.

"If the town wants to attend the public, it does not make a wall, do not put a check-in to stop me from entering the town I will not impede obstacles for women and children, "Thaer Fasfous, spokesman for the Fatah mobility of his camp, to Al Jazeera.

"This barbaric demolition is under an excuse to open up the road but the aim is to control the refugee camp of Shuafat. Nir Barkat said – it wants to break our heads. "

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