Snake game added to Google Maps app [Oyna]

Google Maps Snake Game

All 1 April this year Google, Maps is a small game added to the demand. This time, the game is rolling Nokia nostalgia.

GoogleEvery year on 1 April we will have fun after fun. Google Maps This year, the giant technology is looking nostalgic. The iconic nak Snake game “of the old Nokia models is included in a Maps program. This time, however, you are controlled by the transport line, not a snake. The game takes users to the world's dark points and after you choose between London, San Francisco, Sydney and Tokyo, you will be moving with that city's flagship public transport. There are two double buses running out for London, and in Tokyo you control, for example, a high-speed train. The estuaries are being prepared for growth and humanity and destinations.


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This mini game will be rolled out throughout the world for iOS and Android users. about it For 1 week have to remain the same. To upgrade to the game, after updating the application, you must contact üst Play Snake happy after you have opened the menu with three lines in the left upper corner of the screen. You can start the game by selecting the country you want to play.

If you have not updated the media, Google will continue through a browser which can be played be offered. You may be able to access the website that has been prepared from this, and you can only be included in the game without downloading or updating your request.

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