Sony was buzzing with a high patent for the PS5

Shortly after becoming known that Sony wants the PlayStation 5 equipped with the so-called "raytracing" method, and thus setting new standards in the graphics, there is now another estimate on the game console with it. Yes, we expect. This time, the Japanese settle out around his own mill, with a fresh claim for patent.

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Sale, movement and exchange

Sony has registered the new patent with the US Patent Office. Application number 10.238.958 could reinvigorate the digital games. PS5 owners should be able to re-sell or supply the games they have received. The digital games should also be exchanged. They will therefore no longer be attached to the PlayStation account.

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If the PS4 fan allows digital content to be delivered, that would be of great benefit to the players. Because they were capable of being downloaded and protected by code games. As all the patents are just entering the corporate drawer, it is not a certain that the new key will be delivering the new feature.

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