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Spoilers Hollyoaks: Lily is dying in the devastating story of sepsis and self-destruction

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Lily McQueen (Lauren McQueen) dies after it's injured herself with sepsis disease, can only appear. The troubled teenager has been fighting long-term destruction, with the show looking great last year and visiting his in-house demons this year as she has been left between her husband. T Prince Malique Thompson-Dwyer with his lover Romeo Quinn (Owen Warner).

With Lauren leaving the exhibition, she is bothering her character to start restoring again when she is making plans to go with Romeo, she grows to owed after sepsis. And it will be too late to save it in hard views with viewers destroying.

Lily's final program looks at her mind and she will be thrown with memorable poetry with special editions, visits to and from memories by Lily and real-time mother, with Romeo and Lily a ' Waiting for the train, Diane, Tony and Prince will try and find the fuss after her blood tests show that sepsis disease has spread to its members and is in serious danger.

As Lily gets seriously ill, she meets hard at the end of the day and hopes that the leaders of Hollyoaks will stimulate awareness of the dangers of self-harm and the sepsis of sepsis.

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Researchers worked with the charity UK Sepsis Trust. Dr Ron Daniels, Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, said: leis It was fantastic to be working with the Hollyoaks team on this store which shows how harmful sepsis can be. While things like Lily only represent 10% of serious sepsis accidents, the “deadly situation” can arise from any disease and unexpected strikes, affecting those that were fit and healthy. # 39;

The most important thing to stop vulnerable deaths from sepsis is awareness, and we therefore thank Hollyoaks for helping to increase the profile of a statistic that affects a number and that is still as strong. known.

Together, we want everyone, not just professionals, to encourage it directly: could it be sepsis? and to change the way sepsis is treated in the UK. # 39;

Lauren's department with ‘I was so shocked to get such a big story that really bothered me. Although challenging and emotional, I hope I have done justice and I hope it will raise some awareness of the audience.

Lily's song

During the tour, poetry will be written by acclaimed writer and poet Hussain Manawer, who put Hollyoaks producer Bryan Kirkwood at an event in 10 Downing Street where he was rewarded for reading his mental health work. -machine.

Talking to, Hussain said: 'We'll grow up with these characters – we laugh with them, we will be transporting with them, and showing the consequences of all these songs. sometimes their fearful activities.

Bry Meet Bryan at 10 Downing Street was one of the 'Legends', where you met a member of the TV family who say they come to the set! He told me about Lily's mental health story and said they had seen my poetry and that I wanted to be involved. They sent me home with scripts and fragments of the Lily story – before I knew it was sent to this life of Lily.

‘And I wrote it all in one night – Lauren, who plays Lily, was choked and the room was completely silent. They told me I had it in one. I was very keen to associate with this character of Lily through the pain I have through it. I could have been associated with it, the fact was beautiful; there. It's very personal! They also allow me to fight, I played a mental health doctor in one of the scenes with her. # 39;

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As well as the poetry that flows through the ages, Hussain wrote the song 'Lily''s theme with singer and songwriter Sonna Rele, which will be inspired by the supernatural writing of' Lily '. followed by final credits. And he admitted that it was a struggle to strike the right balance between getting the right tune and not praising the bad problem in any way.

It showed: The song was hard – three of us were going for it. Talking about death and going on in a romantic way, angry but not accepting and doing so is hard. Hollyoaks trusted the freedom but there was a lot of surrender. I didn't put down my art, however – if you want to influence people you need to talk to them in the way they know.

• Gone Too is quickly recognized – he is really deep. I'm angry, I lost friends to destroy himself. There is a powerful line: “I'll tell you I am fond of you and hate you if you come and see them. ”It really thinks what it feels like to lose someone when you don't know why. He was very hard working on it, but he noticed a lot of feelings. The beauty is which I can describe what people are going through.

‘When you see the scene with Diane breaking down and everything like Prince and Romeo – I just get goosebumps thinking about it. Artistic power is remarkable. And Lauren totally disappeared. There was such an amazing thing – I had to look at it many times and it struck me every time. I am so proud to be part of it. I will stand up for this piece of work and hope that it really helps people by understanding the impact of self-harm.

Air He makes it happen to build a town. We all have a responsibility to look for each other. Lily was victorious and where she came, she will have an effect on the way she goes. The Lily Case and her mental health will show that there are more people bringing us together than separating us and hoping that it will help people to bring them together.

‘People talk about this and need to talk about it. It was because I started writing it because I was very upset about how others wrote and did not write about things like that. What about the real questions, and what is going on? With the job I am doing, you don't know who helps but you know that you help and this storyline will help a lot of people. This opportunity has been part of that amazing experience. The change will begin with conversation. # 39;

Hope I hope the storyline makes the audience aware of how self-harm is and how danger can be at risk. Sepsis is very common, and many people might not know what symptoms are, and it needs to be managed quickly. I hope it opens a lot of conversations and encourages people to chat and get help if they link to Lily. # 39;

Alex Fletcher, who plays Diane Hutchinson: ‘I hope audiences will see that adverse effects of sepsis through self-harm can have a negative effect. I feel like this storyline affects me because we've all given us 100%. We have had a great deal of responsibility to respond with support from all the charities'.

The program will broadcast on Wednesday 10 April at 7pm on E4.

You can get more information and support about Sepsis by visiting the Sepsis UK Trust website. Mind charity supports people who are experiencing mental health problems as well as information and Samaritans works with a 24 hour support line for anyone affected by mental health. or any concerns of any kind. It can be accessed in confidence on 116 123.

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