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Spotify costs up to $ 500 million on podcast startcasts such as Gimlet, Anchor

Spotify is a current music company who wants to be a podcast company too.

Not only does Spotify receive a Gimlet Media, a podcast and a network for around $ 230 million – Recode gave you a contract about last week – but also bought Anchor, the start of making it easier for people to record and distribute their own podcasts Post-

The company says that it has not been done – it says that it is receives other podcast broadcasting products, and is expected to cost up to $ 500 million this year.

In blog posts last year, Director Spotify, Daniel Ek, said he did not go into podcasting when he founded his company for 11 years, but he is now. He says that Spotify is the second largest broadcast broadcast in the world (behind Apple), and that the audio podcast finally composes 20% of Spotify usage.

Here is the definition of the philosophy behind moving to podcasting: "We build a platform that creates creative, creative and creative access to creators; encouraging our users, and building a stronger business model for Spotify in a business that we believe will be significantly greater when you install an internet level. "

Spotify here for investors, which is a bit of pressure supporters: "Spotify's podcast is listening to the important strategy for driving a deserted ceiling, more involved Cleansing, lower growth, faster income growth, and a higher edge. We intend to support this strategy in 2019, both to raise specific content and increase investment in the production of internal content. The more successful we are, we will continue to implement the strategy to accelerate our growth, and in that situation we will develop guidance so. "

In plain English, that means: Spotify believes that podcasting is helping you to. Finding new users, keeping those who are in a position; generate more money, and increase its profit campaigns, as it is cheaper to make podcasts or allow the songs from large letters and to play artists. Look for more podcasts to run directly on Spotify.

Not happening overnight, Spotify CFO, Barry McCarthy, said in a morning interview, before he was defeated; company. Although Spotify has paid for a high quality broadcasting podcasting dance from Amy Schumer and Gimlet, he does not accept it. Most of the podcasts that will be released independently for now, he said.

At the end, McCarthy said that Spotify would have been able to create a high broadcasting broadcast – memorial: With these things, Spotify is now completely in a content-making business – to keep it for himself. But even then, "I think that most of the podcasts will not be completely specific to the platform."

In other words: If you are an independent business in a video – you need to watch HBO "Game of Thrones" and Netflix to watch "Stranger Things" and music (largely entirely) trustworthy business – You can listen to Malone Mail on Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play – Spotify then thinks podcasting is a different place.

Context: A new understanding for Spot podcasts will come after trying to stop it and bring an unsuccessful attempt into your video. At one point Spotify thought to move to a television stream, and eventually made a more advanced move into clips, and you may not remember.

There was a video in two big problems for Spotify: paying for the exhibitions and high quality networks very expensive, and Most people are right to not think of the Spotify app that they want to watch – the only thing they listen. But delete your video clip in the future; in particular one that represents the Spotify users of the center of users, which is currently in place; including 96 million payers and 207 million total users.

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