Steam: The valve worker was now climbing about 30% tax and PC market destruction

An old Valve Software worker has been on Twitter in a storm hanging against his old employer and especially against the launch platform. He believes Steam can gamble on the PC "with a 30% tax. In the same breath he thanks Epic Games for pushing the Epic Games Shop. T , who worked for Valve Software from 2009 to 2014. Last year he already put a software leaflet together – even narrower at the time, he complained about companies with flat backing, indoor bonuses t collectively, it is surprising to find out new information and "quiet people who have lasted out".

Valve Software claims to have damaged the PC as a 30% gaming platform (70% for appliance / publishers, 30% to steam machine operators) and Epic Games Shop ( 88/12) a new one. Anyway.

Richard Geldreich: "Steam was hitting PC's game, it was a 30% tax for the whole industry, it was unstable and you don't think a Steam was profitable for Valve, it was a silver cupboard. It 's cleared with the whole company, Epic is dealing with that problem for all players (…) So Steam is the first something. t [Plattform] – what? At that time, the region of 30% of Steam's money was still good, compared to 50% of sales. Today, it is marvelous and deeply exciting for game developers at the same time. Valve has made use of his partners and staff. They took him to death. "

Geldreich decides that Epic Games continues with special deals – another year and beyond. His vision for the glass also implies that stam, indie titles, shovel games (lots of food, low quality) and porn games will be released in the future. T Tripartite titles will be available in the future at Epic Games or through the producer / publisher's publication programs. In his opinion, Epic Games is first for size, so that the Epic Games Game showcases the main features of Steam. It says that it is not the cost of the Epic Games because they only make up a small part of the sale. If Epic Games can't do that with the store, then there will be another competitor who goes against Steam (Discord or Origin).

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