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Tesla grows Model 3 range through software replacement

As promised when the medal was launched, Model 3, Tesla has started to install the new Model 3 software for up to 15 miles.

When Tesla launched its $ 35,000 Module 3 last month, the automaker was amazed to say that it would contribute to the range of Long Range Module 3 vehicle which has been delivered so far.

At the time, Chief Executive Elon Musk said:

“There are also things that we've done for customers who are very cool. Tesla is as big as a software company with a hardware company and we have received through the firmware improving the range of long-term wheel wheel car from 310 miles to 325 miles. This will affect all customers including those who were the long-term cars brought to date and new cars. Thus existing and new customers will have a range of 15 miles from 310 to 325. ”

Now, Tesla started pressing her update fleet in a new firmware update 2019.5.15.

Some owners of Long-Range Model 3 began reporting on the full range of full-cost (eg u / OompaOrangeFace air Reddit):

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Musk says that Tesla got new motor efficiency, inverters, and that they feel more comfortable now.

“We are looking for ways over time and we have done so many times previously where efficiency can be said to say that the inverter or the vehicle is getting a little more comfortable with the power you acquire. T safely from the battery pack without causing long-term damage. ”

Tesla also announced that they would also be contributing to high-level power action Model 3 by about 5 per cent.

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It would be even more impressive if we didn't know how to play Tesla around the pitch numbers that were advertised for Model 3 at the time.

We previously reported how Tesla was playing with EPA rates to advertise all Model 3 models with a 310-mile range.

Tesla was already able to advertise a range of Ship Long Range Modules at 325 miles, but chose not to – appear to be able to advertise the turntable range cheaper as larger is the most expensive and expensive tool.

So I think this is about Tesla seeking greater efficiency or just trying to announce the highest range on the Model 3 RWD Long Range now that they are selling even less even. T expensive.

I would be wrongly wrong.

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