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The Advocate says that a senior Labor official should be allowed to run

General Advocate Advocate, Mandelblit, said he was seeing any reason to stop an old general that he did not put it now. 2 on a Labor Party Knesset Slate from running in the 9th April.

Legal opinion followed questions about the loyalty of a general claim of the general Tal Russo; since it is only two years after leaving a military service – less than the three years that the law needs to "give" the older military officers.

Russo, who was the leader of the Army Army Command, was cut in the middle of February with his army; Labor leader Avi Gabbay, to fill the whole number on the party slate.

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During the time; Russo left in 2013, it was revoked in the unique capacity of a full-time investor to direct the Depth Corps, which was sustained until 2017.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit spoke at a conference at the national library in Jerusalem on June 6, 2018. (Parush Hogs / Flash90)

In a letter to Russo, the Labor Party and Mandelblit wrote on 25 February, the Central Election Committee and the High Court Court of Hanan Melcer Court that Russo completed his service on May 10, 2017, It can not & # 39; ran for a elected office until May 2020. He gave the parties to 3 March to answer.

In his answer to the Sabbath, Mandelblit noted that Russo had officially resigned his position in 2013, and subsequently served as a keeper.

He noted that the reserved duty was completely different from the commission of a regular officer because it was a voluntary, temporary arrangement. and not a long-term commitment to which a regular officer was legally bound. There were also differences in payment and other benefits, Mandelblit wrote.

Justice of the High Court of Hanan Melcer. (Miriam Alster / Flash90)

So Russo's "cooling" time should be allowed before joining the political office from being discharged from a regular service in 2013, and not a decision of & # 39; work & # 39; assets in 2017.

The final supervisor of the Russo decision is the Election Committee, which is run by Melcer and made up of representatives from the current parties in Knesset in Israel. But the applicant's opinion in such cases usually gives a lot of emphasis on his / her; committee.

In Monday's commentary, the Labor Party welcomed Mandelblit's opinion, saying that it was an advantage to him [party leader] Gabbay, "and says the party" was proud to have the Minister Gen. Tal Russo has won a winning team; Labor Party for the forthcoming elections. "

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