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The daughter of the gruesome victim: Fear of soldiers being involved – The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Efrat Ettinger (R) enjoys the father, Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger

Efrat Ettinger (R) gives praise for her father, Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, in the base of West Bank of Eli, 18 March, 2019.


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Be later

Efrat Ettinger, 21-year-old Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, said she thinks soldiers are willing to use a deadly force, which means "a soldier must defend a soldier." "

She said that the father of the dead, when Palestina Omar Abu Leilah's rebel opened at a bus stop near the Jewish community of Ariel, was afraid of Israel's invasion.

“I don't know what the soldiers went through there,” said Ettinger, “but I know that we don't have much support in the country for soldiers to reach the target. ”

The late Ettinger, who had been attacked on Sunday, had not sent away from his car even after being hit. Instead, it is understood that he tried to shoot the man with his own weapon.

Leilah, who also killed a soldier and another man were seriously injured by an IDF on Tuesday. He was killed in his arrest.

Ettinger commented that the soldier was not comfortable, but she was happy.

On Wednesday, Tamar Ettinger, 44, asked for the emigrant's family to be taken from the West Bank.

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