The journey will finally go to Ataturk for Singapore as Istanbul changes airports

TOTAL: The plane dispatched final merchant passengers from the Ataturk airport at Istanbul on Saturday (April 6) and a warship of trucks ferrying thousands of tons of rim across the city to t a major new airport which Turkey aims to make the most of the world.

The huge movement between the two bases, which was defined by Turkish authorities as scale and unprecedented speed, was largely completed over 24 hours after it started the Friday morning.

The new Istanbul Airport, which will cost about US $ 8 billion and one of a number of mega-warrior projects by President Tayyip Erdogan, will initially have the capacity to handle 90,000 passengers a year, near capacity World's largest airport.

The journey will finally go to Ataturk for Singapore as Istanbul changes airports

Passengers walk at an international leaving hall at Istanbul Airport on the first day after moving from Ataturk international airport on April 6, 2019 in Istanbul. (Image: AFP / OZAN KOSE)

Authorities are planning to extend that capacity to 200 million.

Hundreds of lorries at night were carrying equipment such as aircraft that pulled airplanes and security sensors from Ataturk, on the Marmara Sea shores, 30km north to a new airport in the Black Sea.

Turkey airport

Transport equipment trucks on the last day of airlines Ataturk International Airport long April 5, 2019 in Istanbul. (Image: AFP / OZAN KOSE)

By early Saturday more than 90 per cent of the move was completed, Turkish Airlines Leaders Yahya Ustun said.

Over the night, the last commercial passenger plane, Turkey Airlines TK54, departed from Ataturk for Singapore, as Transport Minister Mehmet Turhan commented on its historical significance.

"I am pleased to send you off as last commercial passengers at Ataturk Airport," he said before the plane departed at 2.44am (2344 GMT). "When you return you live in Istanbul Airport, a monument to the effect, the biggest airport in the world."

The modern airport terminus of Istanbul & apos; s has been built before the official opening service

A Turkish flag and flags showing the first Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the rule of the Turkish rulers Tayyip Erdogan in the photograph at the end of Istanbul's new airport terminus before the official opening, in Istanbul, Turke. (Image: REUTERS / Murad Sezer)

The new airport, which was formally opened almost six months ago but has been handling less than 20 times a day, launched the new chapter on Saturday and a domestic plane. T take away for the capital of Ankara.

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