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The modern Boston Dynamics robot will be hit at Jenga store

Boston Dynamics – the robbers of the robots are the best with everyone who can run, fly, and unusual the people of humans – back with his most recent bottle: a repetition of Of his robot Handle from 2017. And this time, it's very good to box boxes.

The original hand tools were designed primarily as a test for Boston Dynamics' robot knowledge (usually using boipedal or quadruped bots) with wheels. However, the new look looks much quicker, but puts the original design into a useful device that could be operating inventories of goods from a warehouse. T load and distribute directly, as is evident in the video. It is easy to see Handle's demands of working automatically on goods production (as they call them, Amazon hubs), with a fleet of robbers traveling around and catching boxes for lifting. into a very large, very expensive steel.

Technically, Boston Dynamics says that Handle can feed up to 30 pounds (although the video uses about twelve boxes), and can pile up to 4 feet deep and up to 5.5 feet. height. Help with visual systems on board tThe following boxes will provide you with a trail to find and find out which pairs they think they would take. Put that together and it means that he could treat you to Giant Jenga.

Like many Boston Dynamics projects, Handle is still just a prototype for now – the group has not identified any plans to turn it into commercial production yet.

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