The Trump strategy in the Middle East is to fail East-Central

Just a week after attending the "anti-Iran" conference; They have a great deal in Warsaw earlier this month, Jared Kushner, a senior consultee on US President Donald Trump, start on a diplomatic diplomatic tour throughout the Middle East to encourage and fund the peace plan to solve Palestine-Israeli conflicts. Not surprisingly, on his trip around the area, and he has given Brian Hook a unique US representative.

The Warsaw meeting and Kushner tour in the North East appear to appear in the main policy policy of the foreign Trump administration; linking the "consent of the pool" which required many people; attacking the creation of a Arab-Israeli opposition against Iran.

White House expects the Arabians to work out on a Kushner contract, working with the Israelis and working with them to stop Iran. That is the cause, although many of the observers saw the Warsaw conference failing, because he did not confirm European supporters to restore all anti-Iran rule policies, Trump administration watched he was successful, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought together representatives from a number of Arab nations on the same record.

However, this policy strategy that means that I have a " Feeling it seems that it is important to be on the ground and, therefore, it is not a failure.


Since going to the White House in January 2017, Trump has said that it is a point to keep the rules governing Iran's rules on a regular basis. before.

President Barack Obama argued that the US should not tackle Iran on behalf of the Arab relatives and they did not. trying to take Tehran. His administration increased his weight through international sanctions and at the same time he put forward conversation.

Between 2014 and 2016, US and Iran worked hard together to fight the common threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) supporting the Iraqi and Lebanon governments when they were avoiding a face in Syria. The efforts of Iran's involvement in the Common Action Plan (JCPOA), which clearly stated that had not been finalized; enjoying Israel and Saudi Arabia.

After Trump took control of his power, disappeared from the JCPOA and opposed Iran's strict sanctions, trying to put Tehran on pressure on his / her offenses; ballistic telegraph program and its regional functions. But so far, the increase has only made Iran more challenging.

The Iranian system has been made clear once it is not willing to negotiate under the current term. A leader in Iran, Ali Khamenei, said his rule is to speak to the US in a & # 39; Current context similar to "hosting your knees before an enemy".

Despite the Trump administration work against Iran, Obama's age rules still exist in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, where the US is still in existence; Continue to avoid direct negotiations with Iran's forces and representatives.

However, there is a continuing psychological war that paranoia affects in Tehran, Increase their risk of harm. If Washington and Tehran have been pressed on their & # 39; envelope, buyers are the ones who pay to; price.

An associated Iranian system could be a spoiler for US policies in the Middle East. He could encourage his property in Gaza to take action against Israel or to implement the governments in Iraq and Lebanon to act against the US interests.

Invasive activity in India may not weaken the US observers in the department but also to do so; Assigning US efforts to take forward Palestine-Israel speeches.

Ordinary attempt in Arab-Israelis

Trump has also been backing the US long-term policy on the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. His administration is now pushing to break a fundamental principle of Arab policy, Mainstreaming Israel with a fair agreement in Israel-Palestine that recognizes Palestinian state-based states, and provides Israel to be brought back to the 1967 border and which is a status of Jerusalem. Arab Saudi States want a contract that meets these basic requirements; Anything from that time would be difficult to sell at home.

Arab leaders still remain uncomfortable with official normalization with Israel because Arab people are still aware of their presence. They think they're going up to Israel. The public disaster can easily break over the Arab world if Arab leaders are able to; approves a Palestinian-Israeli agreement that is seen inside it.

Recognizing this risk, recently introduced Saudi King Salman he brought back Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., from his son, Prince and Crown Mohammed bin Salman, and on the long-standing situation of rethinking the Palestine case. This position was introduced in an interview on 13 February by Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki bin Faisal al-Saud, by Israeli Channel 13, who found Saudi Arabia a & # 39; awaiting open army for Israel if and when he makes a fair deal with the Palestinians,

The other threat of Arab leaders is to step forward rapidly with Israel that the Trump administration might be willing to passing words and sanctions in preventing Iran in the area.

Palestinian clothes

However, the fundamental challenge in the Arab-Israeli normalization and the construction of the anti-Western partnership still remains a Palestine question.

Jared Kushner has set up a peace treaty that could be published in April after the general elections of Israel. It is probably the "consent of the century" known as its first attempt to solve its & # 39; Conflicts that have not been communicated to Palestine side or consulted.

The most interesting about this plan is the way he has worked on Palestinian politics. After Hamas had control of Gaza in 2007, Bush's Bush administration policy was to " punish the stripe by obstructing all the help while at the same time; Assist the Palestinian Authority to demonstrate a symbol of how the West Bank can succeed when living with international regulations and its; accept discussions with Israel S-

Trump opposes this method by going to & # 39; punished Palestine Authority in the West Bank for refusing to accept the "agreement of the pool" after moving from the US assault from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

At the same time, White House attracts Hamas with funding for major economic projects in Gaza, similar to Bush administration, Encouraging Palestine divisions rather than strengthen Palestine's strength.

Trump must serve a sufficiently agreed to stamp a permit on the peace plan that his son-in-law has to do; Praise, but both Fatah and Hamas are invested in the separation between Bank West and Gaza and see the reordination of potentially adverse effects on their interests.

Although the complete provisions of the charter are not yet donated, the information that is already known to the public already exists; show that it will not keep Palestine's best interests.

In an interview for the channel of Sky News Arabia broadcast on 25 February, Kushner said: "If you could eliminate the border and have peace and do not be scared of fear, you create a more free flow of materials, create a cheaper stream of people and that would create a lot of opportunities. "

What it is is to confirm that the Palestinian economy is weaker and more; go into the same Israelis, causing Palestinians to be even more dependent on the state of Israel, which is fully responsible for security and thus its ability to; compensating Palestine political disagreement.

So, Trump is a Arab-Israeli interconnection link and a & # 39; preventing Iran into the Palestine-Israeli agreement on rules, which would establish Israeli control over Palestinian areas and to discharge; adversely affect Palestine.

By paying for the Palastinians to pay for her; The Arab-Israeli Alliance seems to have a problem for Arab leaders down the road. It could block Tehran's attack by going to # 39; Encouraging the population of the government in the European region and that more representation on Arab rules is already weakened.

In this regard, the Trump administration strategy could connect to connect a misleading-Palestinian trade with the Arab-Israeli Alliance to prevent Iran from being able to; affecting these two goals in the Central Division and its potential to be back against their neighbors and interests in Europe.

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