Theft of identity on the internet can affect anyone

Conjugation continues to expand; Internet users use their identity and encourage them for their own purposes. They get everything in social media: from the profile to the victim's residence and leisure activities. It does not meet celebrities but even a & # 39; s growing private people to & # 39; targeting thieves. […]

ESET security expert, Thomas Uhlemann.
ESET security expert, Thomas Uhlemann. (c) ESET

The Patrick Biedenkapp pilot is the adjective. The Instagram channel at this time brings more than half a million subscribers. Because this population has dark sides, the blogger's travel and way of life have already been married. In the meantime, offenders have the identity that has been stolen several times and used the data to create very difficult, beautiful accounts, for example, to introduce students to make mistakes wrong .

Foill is automated

For individuals, identity theft has grown dramatically. Many users are innocent to use their data; make sure that criminals have an easy game. "Theft identity identity is automatic," the definition of ESET security expert Thomas Uhlemann. "The documents that scan the social media platforms for proper accounts without any translation, and then capture personal images and account information," Uhlemann is a " follow. Then, with this information – full of equipment – new accounts are created on the platforms. Typically, the person who is ill-treated does not think that nothing about this misuse is self-evident.

The fake accounts created by the robbers have been used to attract new victims. They do not understand that they have broken and deleted profile. falling into the leg. For example, they are suffering from fraud or, by & # 39; clicking on a non-secretly unexpected vulnerability in the false image, add dangerous dangerous software to their computer.

Ideas to steal identity

With some steps, users can protect themselves against the identity of being misused. It is easier for private people to be the celebrities, says Uhlemann's security expert: "Protestants need to make their profile. Private people have a choice." So he strongly recommends Users use their own profile in social media accounts settings on "private". This is effectively helping prevent foreigners from being able to; view or photograph theft and census information.

In addition, an ESET expert recommends that you use a new email address every time you log in for a & # 39; first time on stage. This has two important advantages: On the one hand, no-one can make more information in this network. On the other hand, it can not be logged in to another platform because the address was only used once. If yes, usually in the current cases of illegal data collections, but sometimes a "username / password" missing "password, the thief may not be able to break Enter only one account and not in all accounts with the same Konstallation.

It is also especially important to protect your own identity in the network that unauthorized people can not be able to; break into digital mailboxes and accounts. That's why it's crucial to use strong and valid password; Deploying a high quality two-factor factor. The additional security measures will be paid because digital identity is effectively protected by offenders.

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