There is also another medicine that is just about using cancer patients

There is also another medicine that is just about using cancer patients

(HealthDay) – One third of patients with cancer and cancer who recite their reported use of complementary and other medicine (CAM), and few show treatment for doctors, according to patients. a research letter published on 11 April in April JAMA Oncology.

Nina N. Sanford, MD, from Texas Southwestern University in Dallas, and co-workers used data from the National Health Interview Survey to estimate the number of cancer and cancer patients using CAM and cancer. the levels associated with them.

The researchers found that 1,023 (33.3 per cent) of the 3,118 participants used a historical account of cancer CAM in the last 12 months. In most cases this was the most commonly used CAM method (35.8 per cent). There was white race, female sex, neo-Hispanic ethnicity, and younger age associated with the use of CAM (strange adjustments altered, 1.82, 1.55, 1.64, and 1.02, respectively, each year). Overall, 29.3 per cent of users did not recognize CAM for their physician; the revised levels of nondisclosure at 11.8 and 58.2 per cent were for people who used green developments and mantra / mindfulness / spiritual reflection, respectively. The most common reasons for nondisclosure are because the physician didn't ask or the participants didn't think the doctor had to be informed (57.4 and 47.4%, respectively).

“With so many patients with cancer and cancer who report using CAM in this national production example, there should be an added examination of the possible effects of cancer. CAM is committed to using experimental outcomes, "the authors will write."

One author published financial links with Varian Medical Systems.

Many cancer patients take other methods but do not tell their doctors.

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