Today 8 for Fallout 76

Bethesda today unveiled 8 for "Fallout 76" on a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, featuring new content "Wild Appalachia". The download is between 2 GB (PC) and 6 GB (Consul).

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  • Quest series – "The Mislowed Lowe": Broken the truth and the fiction as you enter a mysterious loss of Calvin Van Lowe.
  • Design and Balance Changes: Traders, Turrets, Mass Luminous, V.A.T.S. and there is much more to achieve design and balance changes.
  • Reproductive particles: Will personalize your clothes, weapons, weapons of arms, and weapons by giving them individual names.
  • News Screen: When you sign in to Fallout 76, a splash screen will appear to tell you about the latest news and the notifications of the game.
  • Caves (April 16): Explore the Caverns, a new underground downstream challenge that challenges the dying people in the poorest land.

New content of Wild Appalachia

New series: The mendacious Lowe

  • From now on, the “Lying Lowe” series is available. You start exploring this secret case by finding out and reading one of the "The Sheepsquatch ate my brother!" A poster in Lewisburg or at train stations at Appalachia.
  • “Eat the Sheepsquatch my brother!” – Posters are available free at the Atomic shop until 7 May, 3pm on CEST afternoon. You will find them in the C.A.M.P. you. hang and read to start the money.
  • If you want to know more, read our latest article on the quest series "The Misery Lowe".

New Dungeon – Caves (from 16 April) t

  • A week after their arrival today, starting on April 16th, there will be a new prison available.
  • This challenging event leads you into the ground beneath the entrance to Harper's Ferry following the traces of the Brotherhood Steel, which has found its fingers there for unknown reasons.
  • On its own behalf, even the largest creatures that have an Appalachian experience in the caves are reaching borders. Add a squash and fit yourself appropriately before entering this subspecial outdoors.

The complete changes with new features as well as many other improvements and alterations can be made to the official site.

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