Twelve of Gaza's community residents are tweeting – in Tel Aviv – Israeli News

Dozens of community residents near the Battle of Gaza struck on the night of Rothschild Boulevard at Tel Aviv opposing the ongoing violence in the south.

“We understand that if the government does not take account of us, we will continue to live as the last 18 years. We had enough, ”said Naama from the Gvulot community in the Eshkol Regional Council to The Jerusalem Post.

Although rockets were burned from Strip Gaza run by Hamas for nearly two decades, Naama said to the Post that the idea for the campaign started in November after burning 500 rockets from a coastal cruise. T Hamas to the south of Israel.

“Nothing was done and so we gathered people in the area. So we started with 50-60 people and we grew from that, ”she said. “We had plenty. When there is a fall in our area no-one is doing it but when there is a single shot in the middle, all the fields are full of tanks and soldiers. ”

Around 20 families from communities outside their camp came out on the Rothschild near HaBima Theater to pay public attention to the security situation in the south, said Naama, a thing she feels fully to the country and the government.

“I hope the names and media can put pressure on the government without it ever forgetting,” she said.

“Some politicians believe this is the most quiet year in the area, but how? We have been mentioned as a powerful strength But we are exhausted. We want to be like every civilian. "We want to live, it is a fundamental human right of life," said Naama.

According to statistics released by the IDF in December, over 1,000 packets were burned from the Strip to the south of Israel in 2018. Other hundreds were burned to Israel in the first five months of 2019.

Although each year since Hamas took control of the Gaza Conflict in 2007, the number of rockets fired into Israel was in three-fold numbers, in 2018 the peak was t Israeli and terrorist groups from the end of the end of Protective Edge. 2014.

In 2007 Israel was attacked by 2433 and in 2008 at the time of Operation Cast, leadership groups made 3,557 failures. During 2012, Operation Pillar Defense, Israel was attacked by 2,771 rockets and in 2014, in the same period as Operation Protective Edge, 4897 missiles were sent out to Israel. In 2015 a total of 71 rocket launches were sent from the shoreline, 15 was launched in 2016 and 35 attacks were burned to Israel in 2017. t

“We want to resolve, we are tired. It's so sad that our children are worried about balloons and buzzards. We don't buy them or give them more to birthdays. It is terrible. The only universal symbol of childhood and freedom and we no longer have it, ”said Naama.

Adele Raemar from Niger told the post that most of the people are on the women's organizing committee, the mothers who said “that's that. That's enough. ”

“This complaint received 15 minutes of fame, but unfortunately we are all going to see rockets then on Gantz phones or any other controversy. It should not be a matter of capturing the attention of the country to change something, ”she said. “This needs to be a key priority for the country. If they don't care about us, unless they stop the Balooners from filtering over it, then it's Tel Aviv the next time. ” T

Rachel moved to Nimim in 1975 from the Bronx and has built her family there.

“Five of my seven grandchildren live in a rocket range,” she said to Mail. “One of my daughters who stays in Nimim packs her baggage every time they change them and she goes to my other daughter in Ruhama. Living with her children is too scary. Every time it looks like a scratch on her soul. ”

Raemar, who runs the Life on the Border Facebook page, emphasized the Mail she'd never leave despite violence.

“This is my home. Why should I leave? I have lived in most of my adult life. I'm from the Bronx. I will not be easily driven. ”

Although the complaint was infallible, several politicians made their way to Rothschild Boulevard, including the Chairman of Kahol Lavan Benny Gantz, Chairman of Avi Labor Party Gabbay, and Tel Aviv Ron Huldai.

The Saam, who spoke to Gantz to the Post, said that while the elections won't change people's minds, she thinks the former Chief Executive of IDF will separate workers from the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I spoke to it and I looked at it in the eye, and I believe it when it says there is a need for a military response as well as a diplomatic response with follow-up talks. Netanyahu just said what it's power is and it doesn't work, it doesn't solve anything. "

Raemer also told the Post that there would be a different Gantz than the Netanyahu who has been the prime minister for the last 10 years, steering two military campaigns against Hamas in the Strip. T

'The Bibi heart may have been in the right place but it still has a lot of plates because he can't do it. He is now running to keep the dog, to take heed of his problems. I don't think we like our best at heart. Gantz has historically moved to politics, and has military experience. Give him a chance. ”

Meirav came from the community of Our Hashlosha to the complaint with her daughter ten years.

“My daughter was born to this situation. She dream of safe, not afraid of balloons. Balloons are really good and happy and I want her to be around like that. If he is here in Tel Aviv, I can also do home. ”

Israel sailed alongside the Gaza Stall in 2005 and Meirav told the Post that she still remembers going to the beaches and markets in Gaza with her family.

“I remember when we went to the beaches in Gaza I hope my daughter does the same thing one day. It can happen but we need strong leaders, ”said Meirav. “I know that the people in Gaza want to keep their lives. My heart will go to them. ” T

When asked if she thought Israel should go to another military campaign to bring silence south, she replied that “no other army work alone will give more deaths. This may well have been the start of something but after a political process… our bosses have to take action and respond to the same demands that we want to live and secure. ”

“My only message is that I want security and I feel safe in my home. Just as there are people in Nazareth, Jerusalem or Eilat. I don't want to think of fear every day at home, ”she said. “We feel that the night had complaints. Everything is shaking. We don't hear it. We will see them. I hope that some changes will be made. We must hope. We can't live without it … we live in a war zone. A day in a day, out. ”

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