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Happy New Year, IRAQ!
Al-Mada, Iraq, 29 December

In his recent speech, Shi's political leader Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who has been regarded as a renowned Asian hero in Iraq, dropped his fans from a & # 39; celebrating Year & # 39; Gregorian water. He stated that the 31st December signals "opposed" to Muslim religion.

When asked about participating in non-Muslim holidays and wider designations, the cleric suggested that it is the responsibility of it; A Muslim belief can use its information or interpretation to make a decision on whether or not to participate in such an event; different faiths. His main point is that holidays of other religions, or even recognize that they are there, may be. hindering a legacy alone to Islam.

Clearly, Ayatollah has not heard about Western civilization, where people can come together for unwanted sales. Everyone in Iraq recognizes that many families are experiencing; New Year celebrations, not to & # 39; adhere to Christianity but as a chance to bring together friends and friends and give each other a new year. This is true of other countries in the Middle East too. Those who celebrate Year & # 39; New Gregorio for religious or amateur reasons. Some are hard-working Christians, who do so out of deep faith, and others who do not. believing, who does that for cultural purposes. This includes people who are confidential, divinity or non-Christian.

The New Year's celebration was banned in Scotland until 1958, under the pressure of the Church of Scotland, and the Soviet Union to 1989, and opposed the culture of the West. Today, however, these marks will be held in just over every corner of the world.

Participation in New Year's celebration is a solid and close-bound testimony, and reflect the suffering between different religions today. This should be so bigger in the case in the Middle East, where the rights of Christian minorities have been protected in decades ago, and where Christian communities are extinction or destruction.

It is also important to note that the New Year's Day celebration is officially approved in accordance with public holiday law since 1972, celebrated their first day of January each year as an official holiday, in close association with the "Christian brothers" in Iraq and all over the world. So anyone who travels through the Baghdad Airport will be a get a Christmas tree that welcomes all travelers. This is also true for visitors of Iraq's parliament and many organizations of government across the country.

We should all be proud to celebrate Year & # 39; New and his unity, even though it's just for a day. Happy New Year, Iraq!
– – Lahi Abd al-Hussein


Al-Youm El-Sabea, Egypt, 29 December

One month before the eighth anniversary of the Egyptian issue, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, at Cairo's court this week, presented evidence of the events of his & # 39; going on.

Mubarak, who celebrated his 90th anniversary this year, showed her confident and proud testimonial. Unlike previous court visits in which he had a wheel on a hospital chair or bed, Mubarak put in and left the courtroom this week on his own feet, honorable state. He did as though he should prove that the 25th January Execution did not go out as great as the president of the republic, rule the country for three decades.

Much has to learn from Mubarak. When public pressure opposed its rule had risen, the president did not escape from Egypt. Unlike many ministers and ministers, Mubarak asked him to stay in Cairo. He accepted the calls for testing and appeared in the court as a conventional defender – using prison jet and his / her; Sitting in a metal ceilidh – just for being abandoned later. Even in the hardest times, he remained faithful to his people and his country.

In the court this week, Mubarak appeared for his & her; The first time it was only a defense. He spoke with perseverance and purpose. It was a voice; of a distinguished leader who saw Egypt grow from his / her; first day after independence until today. It was clear from his words that he is watching Egypt and he does not; No worries about checking his / her decision. Indeed, Mubarak himself, the previous years, has been a foundation for the state institutes that have been an integral part of the Egyptian society today, and # 39 ; taking into account the judgment.

The Mubarak certificate in court was a fact of truth for everything he put forward since he stopped in 2011. He left the courtroom high and proud, just as he did it. 39; left the president.
– – Samir Atallah

Al-Jazirah, Saudi Arabia, December 26th

How do the Sudan campaigns come into their second week, I am start to get a big worry. What we see is & # 39; going ahead of our eyes on Khartoum streets, where anti-government complaints are held after the day, remembering what we were doing; seen eight years ago, in Arab Spring. Challenges are angry about land-raising prices and money shortages, caused by recent government plans aimed at making the Sudan economy reform.

Although I do not recommend it to & # 39; paying attention to requests to & # 39; public, I want to remind all of us how badly the Arab Spring has been & # 39; play on us all, wherever it happens. The spring known as being converted into summer, which turned into blood, tolerance and inequality. Public requests for reform and life-life development were rapidly captured by historic forces that ended up; destroy their own countries.

If you ask people in the Arab world if their current governments or their old ones would like them, I'm sure that most of them respond to saying they are long for The rules governing them before the Arab Spring.

There is no reform, especially one economic, passionate, especially in a country that is already in an emergency manner such as Sudan. Decision-makers can address the long-term structural problems, usually in ways that can trigger a short-term public policy, or those issues and be a & # 39; applying Band-Aids to get drunk. Historically, these temporary solutions grow without need within a short time.

Sudan has the potential to live through the current and existing reforms. come out successfully. Energetic land is rich in minerals and can create a strong agricultural-based export business. It has a large and vibrant workforce. It's even oil and gas.

It is the problem that Sudan has had many wars that have been problematic and poorly ruled over the years. This does not leave much choice for the government; at present but steps to take pain to heal the country. The current government but Sudan would not end up spiritually down. It would be more likely that it would have a formal system, which was led by a force such as Muslim Brothers.

So, the Sudan government needs to choose from two options: to continue with the economic reforms that will send the country away, or quickly turn the success of its success. the public. Only the first one works. I hope with all its heart that Sudan can not go into the list of countries that are destroyed by promises from Arab Spring.

– – Muhammad al-Sheikh

Ad-Dustour, Jordan, December 27th

In a recent interview with French papers, the Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, challenged readers to make any statement that threatened or made an official complaint in Iran to destroy Israel. He gave a new reading on what the Islamic Revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, about Israel, suggested that Israel will complete his / her. own policies, and not by making other states.

Although I want to believe the Iranian minister and his / her; Given a new explanation of Khomeini texts, there is no doubt in my opinion that the Iranian statements against Israel are called unqualified for the last destruction by using a force.

However, I think that a statement is minister states that as it appears the beginning of a formal move in the situation of Iran to Israel, look at the end as a "normal state" in the area.

Tehran has never been worried about the destruction of Israel. All this was part of an organized propaganda campaign aimed at strengthening its agenda and maximizing the size of government at home.

It is not clear why Israel responded so much to those dangers from a frightening fear or as a strategy to grow closer to moderately Arab countries. Regardless of the case, Iran's commitment to causing Palestinian has been very legal at its age. the best.

The current leadership currently in Iran is Understanding the need to introduce Iran into international markets and the prevailing relationship between Tehran and its common ties of states. This is the way he put it in place after he had done; a nuclear case signed by US President Barack Obama and the European Union. However, President Tr Trump's policies set out these hopes. He put the reforms in Iran against the corner.

I believe that Zarif's recent interview has been a direct response to the recent recently-renewed sanctions. He is interested in sending a message to American administration and confirming that Iran is ready to make refusals and reforms. However, this can only be done if Trump agrees to extend his hands in peace.

– Arib al-Rantwai

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