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Tonnis, Tunisia Eight years after he had the terms "the people want to sweep the plane" over North Africa and the Middle East, replica waves of the same wave are repeated in parts of the Arab region. T .

In Sudan, a "Tasqut bas", (just falling) he has been pouring energy after protests against major living costs in December have engaged in ongoing collections calling for the Chief to t long-lasting Omar al-Bashir down.

And in Algeria, hundreds of thousands of people have been shouting "No to Bouteflika" from the end of February after the country's ill president has claimed his term for a term at elections in April.

Hitting the growing public responsibility, Abdelaziz Bouteflika again plan to run again. But the 82-year-old also counted the census and has been in the office, resisting campaigners who have continued to call them on the streets not only. to go away but to release it to all the ruling class.

However, there are unlikely to be calls for political change in the League's plate platform for the year that was held on Sunday on Tunis – much the same way that the regional group did so in the Arab Spring as it was named. 2011.

Emir Kuwait and president Tunisia at Tunis-Carthage airport [Hussein Malla/Pool via Reuters]

According to Abdelwahab el-Affendi, a professor of politics at Doha Institute, the Arab Spring has camped three main camps within the league: large, pro-US governments in countries such as t Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, who did the 2011 campaign presented a threat to sustainability; the Iranian-Iranian block that includes the transfer of Iraq, Syria and Lezon's Lebanon; and those who have supported the changes caused by the exhibitions, such as Tunisia and Qatar.

“Almost everything in these regiments is against Arab, not just for looking at foreign interests, but to be as straight forward as their own people – t and so to the Arabs right, "said el-Affendi.

As a result, the Tunis summit does not seem to discuss the continuing conflict of battle in Sudan and Algeria, especially without the sovereignty of both countries, adding t supporting the railways ".

Abdullah al-Arian, a professor of history at Georgetown University, agreed that the Tunis summit came against a backdrop of massive continents – ongoing constables – including the four-year military campaign in which Germany was the largest is called Saudi-UAE against the Houthi rebels in Yemen – and, in some countries, growing down.

“The combination of revitalized regeneration and civilian conflict has ensured that the basic needs of people across the region are sustained, largely because of the policies of the leaders who meet in Tunis, 'he said. T .

“As some of the wealthiest Arab states continue to experience a brutal war on the poorest Arab country in Yemen, the country. T [Arab League] he has little credit and historically has shown that it is unlikely to be taken seriously to deal with the immediate emergency in the area. "

Overseas ministers attend a preparatory meeting before Tunis [Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters]

Attendants' leave;

It was first created as 1945 to be a disgrace to Arab nationalism, and it has been assumed that the group has been an inefficient division of expertise for the regulatory interests of government. T keeping up with the legitimate concerns of millions of people living within its borders.

A popular rebellion of 2011, once a major source for millions of Arab neighbors, seeking change after decades of devolution government, has influenced major negotiations. – and in Syria and Libya's case, to devastating wars.

Tunisia, the home of the Arab League's 30th conference, is the only "success story" from those days, since the removal of the long-term ruler has caused active democracy.

But researchers said the Tunisia model was not something that top leaders would emphasize.

For Sean Yom, a professor of political science at Temple University, the group's roofs represent only “a draft of attendees”.

“The Arab League is out of necessity – that's, it is harder to take a regional group apart from creating a company,” he said to Al Jazeera.

“It is a product of an era in which there was a common threat (Israel), and when some issues, such as the all-Arab union and Palestinian justice, had moved power among Arab regions. attached.

“So if we explain the Arab League with its survival of regional cohesion and the resolution of inter-Arab conflicts, it is clear that it has failed.

UPFRONT: The election plan of Gaza, Golan and Netanyahu (25:05)

Money Golan

Earlier in March, Foreign Minister Tunisian Khamies Jhinaoui announced a resignation of Syria, which had been suspended from the group in 2011 in response to Make the brutal end of leader Bashar al-Assad on democracy campaigners, t on the conference agenda.

But, a move last week by the US President, Donald Trump, to official recognition of the Israeli sovereignty of Golan, which Israel lived from Syria in 1967, was on the move. for his reconstruction Damascus.

Arab and international convictions were quick after contacting Trump, but researchers believe there will be nothing more to save in Tunis – according to the last practice of the last Arab League.

"Priority will also be given to maintaining strong employment relations with Trump's administration over any action," al-Asaid a track.

Yom said that there would be "any credit" in the official Tunisian statement that denounces Trump's decision.

“First, it is difficult to appeal to international law; with the continuing interventions in Yemen and possible war crimes. as well as the inability of the Arab countries to stop Syria crimes, "he said.

“Second, other elements of Israeli aggressive mail under the US support, such as the cause of Jerusalem and its ever-growing jingle, are part of Saudi's vision for a new regional order Riyadh. t "

Yemen humanity population in numbers

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While the USA has controversially identified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved its embassy, ​​Saudi Arabia, a major ally in Washington, has been discarded behind Jame Kushner's Trump peace process in the Middle East. T known as the "contract of the century".

The plan was not made public, but many say that there is now official and official warm-up between relations between the Gulf of Arab states and Israel as part of a new regional order.

In this context, Yom said, that any campaign with the league would have to face Israel's attack on a pan-Arab incident, which is unlikely to happen in the current geo-political situation t .

Instead, the League records are expected to control its usual speaking points, such as providing acceleration to the human crisis in Yemen without bringing to the main attacker, Saudi. Arabia, the impact of the Arab countries in the region such as Iran and Turkey.

The conference will also discuss the conflicts in the neighboring Libya, after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres attended a Saturday meeting of the Libyan Fourth – the t The United Nations, African Union, Arab League and European Union. No significant action is expected, however.

For Yom, the Arab League can be a small tool.

"It gives delegation groups the opportunity to talk to each other through side meetings," he said. “The Kuwaitis, for example, seems to try again to prove the camps in Saudi and Qatari to t [engage in] conversations.

"The Palestinians will also use these roofs to support their arrival of their Arabian allies, although the Israeli-Saudi-Egyptian axis will force their panties with them. ' this point. "

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