ISS began to build in space 20 years ago. See the history of the station


After the disaster, the Russians needed to provide provision.

Bratislava. Twenty years ago, the history of the largest and most difficult building in the cèilidh world began to write in the # 39; Kazakh step.

On November 20, 1998, on the Proton program, it was posted; Enter the first operational model of the International Spas Station (ISS) named Zaria into space.

Since then, Zarya, who has been working today, has added 15 more rigorous modules – the largest of the Japanese Kibo model.

Today, with the solar panels, the ISS has 73 meters long and 108.5 meters wide. Their houses are as big as a house with six bedrooms.

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The first long-term residents came to the ISS in 2000. The station arrived at the singer Sergey K. Kriksov, Jurij P. Gidzenko and the room-room William Shepard on 2 November 2000.

Since then, ISS has visited over 230 people from eighteen countries. Over 2500 scientific investigations were held aboard.

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