ISS timelapse demonstrates how the Progress-MS-10 rehabilitation stimulus was published


Some of the best pictures and videos available are coming from the few fortunate astronauts that are on board the ISS. As the radio station is affecting Earth, crew members can look at the literally bird on the planet; Full planet filled with daytime clouds and nightclubs at night. Crew members also received an amazing view of the launch of the Russian re-launch campaign last week.

Riccardo Rossi created the timetable on board the ISS, and it shows that Progress on MS-10 is launched as you can see for orbit. You can clearly see that the rooster's climb is away for the long-term surface of the planet and # 39; as it reaches a place and a & # 39; affecting the main stage of the rocket. You can also see the main level of the rocket because it falls back to the air and its; burn up on re-entry.

MS-10 will live in the long-term video reputation & # 39; it reaches orbit and its & # 39; The ISS run down to do its & # 39; A lot of provision for those who live on the ISS. Since launching to the final, MS-10 needed two days to complete its & # 39; her confidence.

The reconnaissance board boarded 2.5 tonnes of 725kg of fuel charger, 420kg of real water, and lots of food, clothing, quiet parts, and scientific equipment. The ISS has been in orbit today for two decades.

As long as you are going to & # 39; Look at the time above, be sure and look at the Earth as it travels under the ISS. There was a little discussion in video ideas of the bright red light that can be seen from the orbit at the end of the video at a & # 39; 1:13 signal. The consensus is that these are red light on mills.

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