Istanbul Stock exchanges change in exchange rate


Liquid exchange rates in money markets or exchanges overseas do not reveal the true price of money, Istanbul Trading Stock said on Thursday.

The Exchange said in a statement that the exchange markets exchanged an exchange rate of pound, lower than the true price, about market movements of "unusual" exchanges.

Turkey's exchange rate changed at the end of Friday's weekly trading week, before the bank made a reasonable adjustment to the local exchange market.

"Exchange rates to the market of the house are healthy and going on as usual, and most often," said the exchange.

“Foreign banks working in the domestic market, registered banks and centers involved in the market can exchange as normally the stock market is dealt with as usual. "

As part of their economic program announced in September 2018, Turkey is setting risk management markets for financial institutions.

Last Monday, the Turkish central bank confirmed the use of all monetary policy instruments and the regulation of lack of money to support the country's financial stability.


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